Analytics & Reporting


Digital marketing platforms offer deep data metrics that show the activity of users related to your site or profile. As advertising platforms, they also offer off-site tracking for your own online platforms. Analytics is the term that encompasses all of this data.

Digital marketers have the ability to use each platforms’ analytics tools to generate reports that display trends and highlights from these data sources to help guide or pivot strategy and improve campaign results.

Some digital marketing teams, like the Luminus team, can even use tools like Google Data Studio to pull data from all of these sources into one report and build charts and graphs most relevant to the client’s campaign goals, rather than a general data dump.


Digital marketing without analytics & reporting is a scattershot waste of money. When our team hear’s comments like “digital marketing doesn’t work for our business” we can almost always root the cause for that statement back to a lack of analytics & worthwhile reporting.

Digital marketing doesn’t always work right out of the box and having a really detailed tracking setup opens the door to continuous improvement over time. Digital marketing success can always be improved by using analytics to uncover weak keyword performance, page quality, conversion points, etc.

If this data is unknown and/or not fully understood, it’s easy to give up quickly on any digital marketing effort. There is no excuse for not doing this.


We ACTUALLY do this. No joke. Countless times our team has asked potential clients or new clients if we can take a look back on their previous digital marketing reports and they have none. It blows our minds.

Everything we do regarding strategic decision making and performance monitoring comes from analytics. The way we communicate those metrics in a straightforward way to our clients is through customized reporting.

Now let’s be clear about what reporting means. These are not simple data dumps from Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, etc. These are custom curated Google Data Studio reports that pull the most relevant data into easy to understand graphs, with observational summaries written by our digital marketing specialists.

So ask yourself, when’s the last time you received a report, understood what it shows, or heard from your digital marketing vendor? If the answer to any of these questions isn’t positive, you need to work with our team to change that.


Again, we ACTUALLY do it. Furthermore, we create reports that actually make sense to our clients and include not only data, but our observations and recommendations. Reports are generated monthly. Our collaborative report review sessions with you may vary from monthly to quarterly depending on the marketing campaign type.


We track everything, especially conversion points. We utilize Google Tag Manager along with other off-site tracking systems such as phone call tracking to get a full view of what’s happening surrounding your digital marketing campaigns. If we don’t know what’s happening, we can’t continually improve the campaign’s performance to get you results.


We use Google Data Studio and a few professionally licensed software tools to pull data from all of our tracking systems into one reporting system. This allows us to build customized reports centered around the data and results that mean the most to your specific campaigns. Beyond simply showing the data, each section of our reports has observations and recommendations from our digital marketing specialists.


We don’t leave you hanging. Each month reports are generated and sent to our clients. Depending on the intensity of your digital marketing campaigns, we review these reports over a call or Zoom conference to run through your campaign’s current performance metrics and what it all means. Digital marketing is built on trust and these interactions help us earn and maintain that trust with you.


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