Buffalo’s Worst Website Winner: Buffalo Research!

Buffalo’s Worst Website contest has come to an end and the people of Buffalo have spoken. Out of multiple entries and five finalists, the winner of the 2014 Buffalo’s Worst Website contest is, Cynthia Van Ness from Buffalo Research!
Cynthia Van Ness runs the website, Buffalo Research and lives and breathes the Buffalo spirit. Cynthia entered the contest looking for a solution to make her site a little more user friendly and easy to navigate. Currently, the site holds massive amounts of data collected to provide to the public about the history of Buffalo.

On September 5, 2014, the Luminus Media team surprised Cynthia Van Ness Publisher’s Clearing House style – and presented her with a check for, “ONE FREE WEBSITE and OPTIMIZATION PACKAGE” with balloons to announce her victory of having Buffalo’s Worst Website.
We’re excited to help Cynthia embark on her journey of web excellence and create a beautiful site that is will be useful for her visitors. This week we met with Cynthia to discuss the future of her website in a Discovery Session with the Luminus Media team. After our meeting it was concluded that Cynthia is looking for a site that is easy to organize and navigate with a retro / historical flare.

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