Things I Wish I Wrote: Hilton's 'It Matters Where You Stay' CampaignA series where a copywriter (Kellie) is not jealous about, but inspired by how other people’s words sound together.

Hilton recently launched their “It Matters Where You Stay” campaign. The refreshed tagline, “For the Stay,” immediately caught my ear because it sounds like a tagline. This may seem silly to note but effective taglines require a lot of finesse to achieve. First, you have to arrange 3-5 words in a way that conveys a complete thought. Next, those words should carry other associations and meanings relating to the positioning of your brand.

“For the Stay” instantly implied longevity to me, as in, Hilton is here to stay. That’s a nice brand sentiment right off the bat. “Stay” is a layered word choice too. Of course, Hilton is primarily referring to your hotel stay. The brand is dedicated to that. But it also suggests remaining in one place or a break in the action. Isn’t that what everyone needs after planning a jam-packed vacation? A place to unwind. In just 3 words, Hilton reassures guests that they are wholly committed to that portion of your vacation.

The tagline folds into a larger campaign that places further importance on the hotel aspect of a vacation. “It Matters Where You Stay” highlights the specific needs a Hilton can meet. Whether you need pet-friendly accommodations, a confirmed connected room for your kids, or a reliable alternative to rentals, Hilton positions their properties as perfect options across three unique spots.

The campaign does an excellent job of putting the hotel back in the travel narrative. When planning a family vacation, bachelor party, business trip or the like, the hotel often becomes an afterthought. Even the hospitality industry tends to center advertising around picturesque destinations. The beaches, mountains and nightclubs, but not where you spend time between the hustle and bustle. Hilton is reminding us that that part matters too. Your hotel and its unique offerings can provide much-needed respite during an otherwise hectic trip. It functions as an invitation too. To pause the “go, go, go” and embrace a more relaxed attitude towards travel.

I really appreciate the campaign because it simply shifts your focus. It doesn’t claim that the hotel is the most important part of a vacation, but it does imply that where you stay should be a consideration. In doing so, Hilton owns “the stay,” which, arguably, the competition wasn’t paying enough attention to.

The brand also gets extra credit for taking advantage of the low-hanging fruit in getting Paris Hilton to star in a spot (something she has never done for Hilton before!).