Hi, I’m Amanda….a rookie here at LUMINUS! What I mean by that is that i’m a new intern here and I would like to share with you my experience so far and why you should also become an intern here at LUMINUS!

Go out and meet people, make connections, and show that you are really into what you love.

As you can see below I’m no graphic designer. I actually help out with the digital marketing side of things….but I get to draw like a 1st grader and give the graphics department my ideas!

Recently we have started a marketing campaign for our 2016 summer internship program. We have designed a baseball-themed intern page where you can also apply to become a part of our team!

My job is to create social media content to get exposure on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I’m someone who likes to use my notebook to come up with my ideas. As you can see in these photos I went from a silly drawing to the real thing.

I also figured out what demographics to reach out to, how much to spend on ads, made a social post schedule and did a lot of brainstorming. Hopefully, I will go from rookie to professional in no time.

The moment I stepped foot onto the field I felt like part of the team right away. I used to have this idea that an internship meant I would be catering to other employees’ needs and essentially being the “ball girl.”

But here at LUMINUS that is not the case at all. The culture here is welcoming with no judgments. The best part is getting to learn hands on about digital media and actually having my ideas and input matter. Along with being coached I also get to work with the other rookies.

One piece of advice I’d have to give is when you know what you want to do, don’t just wait for someone to offer it to you or wait for a job posting. Go out and meet people, make connections, and show that you are really into what you love. It can be as simple as finding the company you want to work for and just give them a call or shoot them a message. And most of all…always be you!