Shedding Light On A New Luminus

Creative restlessness. The concept that launched Luminus when it was two hustlin’ freelancers is the same concept that drives the newest brand interpretation. Co-founders Tim Bouchard and Mike LaDuca have always been driven by feelings of creative restlessness. Feelings that mean good enough never is, and greatness is an ever-evolving target.

Way back when, Tim and Mike were a freelance team creating websites for local businesses. But as they grew, so did Luminus. And as Luminus carved out its place in the Buffalo marketing landscape and became a destination for rising professionals looking for opportunities to explore, expand and exceed expectations, we transformed from a web design agency into something much bigger.

From the beginning, the goal has been creativity without restraint. Creativity that busts seams and shatters windows.


This team of eleven – of designers, programmers, writers, marketers, leaders, think-biggers, get-shit-doners and results-deliverers – came together to bring Luminus wholly into the world of creative marketing.

As an award-winning creative agency, let’s get one thing straight: we’re not here to play it safe.

We don’t simply give clients what they asked for. We give clients what they need. We work from the bottom up to challenge who you think you are, and deliver a brand that represents who you’re becoming. That sheds light on what you’re all about.

In fact, we do that so well, we just did it for ourselves. What’s different about Luminus?

We won’t just execute work and promise fast turnaround. We’re dedicated to building meaningful brands for our clients, brands that grow with you rather than limit you.

We’re excited to work with brands both in and beyond our local market, delivering the same quality of work regardless of size and reach.

And you know what? We’re striving to keep growing. To keep learning, to keep challenging ourselves, and to keep adding Buffalo’s best and brightest to our agency.

Welcome to the new Luminus, where the creatively restless become the creatively unrestrained, and your unique brand comes to life.