Calico Financial

Calico Stays Invested

Calico was founded on the belief that veterinarians make the best practice owners. When they came to Luminus, they already had an established visual identity, but lacked the consistent messaging and presentation they needed to take the industry by storm. They needed an organized communication strategy to appeal to their niche audience, as well as more developed visual assets beyond a logo to present a cohesive brand image that reflected the high-stakes, big money market space they inhabited.

Calico Financial

Making Financing Approachable

Calico provides capital to independent veterinarians looking to buy an independent practice. Business ownership can be intimidating, and they aren’t dealing with small amounts of money. Luminus worked to develop a language and message strategy that makes an intimidating topic more approachable.

"Getting to know the team was essential to creating their story. "

Core Service Offerings

We focused on perfecting the messaging and identity for Calico’s core loan offerings: construction, acquisition, refinancing, and multi-practice financing.

Communicating Through Photography

The Calico team is an invaluable resource to their lenders. In order to convey their personalities and communicate their messaging appropriately, we focused on photography that would let their identity shine.

Bringing the Identity Together

Creating the Calico website allowed us to bring all of their assets into one piece. The new website represents their updated messaging, product offerings, and connects lenders to Calico through the resource center.

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Going to Market

When bringing Calico’s new identity to market, we knew that we needed to make a bold statement. We launched the updated messaging with print and digital ads, as well as a custom landing page to help accurately track campaign results.

Getting Personal

The Calico team’s knowledge, expertise, and personalities is a huge factor in Calico’s success. We filmed personal interviews in order to most effectively communicate with the target audience, and personalize the folks behind the funding.

Calico: Travis York Interview
Calico: Ian Widensky Interview
Calico: Courtney Post Interview

Bringing the Brand to Life

Trade shows are an essential part of Calico’s industry. We used video, giveaways, custom business cards, and other collateral to capture information at trade shows and bring their brand to life.


Investing in the Future

Calico has experienced rapid growth over the last year. As they launch new projects, new initiatives, and continue to execute brand initiatives, Luminus is happy to provide continued marketing support and strategy to a company that has everything they need to make a serious impact in their industry.