Doodlebugs Childrens Learning Academy

Doodle Bugs! Grows Up

Doodle Bugs!, a family-owned childcare center, was founded in 1992 with a focus on excellent early childhood education. And since then, their brand had largely remained the same.
After 25 years in operation, Doodle Bugs! was ready to take their reputation to the next level. They wanted to increase enrollment, and that started by increasing the number of tour requests.
They partnered with Luminus, and we got to work. In order to attract more attention to the wonderful ways in which Doodle Bugs! outshines the competition, they needed a brand that looks cohesive and professional enough to resonate with parents, but bright and cheerful enough to keep the happy kids front and center. They needed to optimize their sales funnel with organized digital content appealing to their three main targets: happy kids, happy teachers, and happy parents.

Doodle Bugs!

An Interactive Happy Tour

Doodle Bugs! believes that happy children make the best learners. To communicate this message, we designed the Happy Tour. Take the journey of a child, parent, or teacher to see why Doodle Bugs! makes them happy.

"15,000 photos were broken down into a few key moments."

Spreading Happiness

Education is not only crucial for children, but for parents. To help parents make the best choice for their child, we took the time to create resources both on the website and in the form of brochures. Doodle Bugs! full Bravo! Curriculum is easily explained and available for the parent to download.

A Comprehensive Website

Early childhood education is not a one-size fits all solution. We created modules on the website to address the Bravo! Curriculum at each stage of development.


Growth that shows no signs of stopping

With a fresh brand to reflect their expertise and dedication to excellence, Doodle Bugs! is now equipped with the tools they need to continue growing their business through franchising.
The results? Not only did tour requests increase, but they also experienced an increased number of teacher applications. The uniform presentation and clear outline of values and vision paved the way for Doodle Bugs! to expand into Pennsylvania and Florida.
Moving forward, the established visual identity, facilities that visually represent their brand, newly designed mascots, and improved voice and messaging will carry their mission of building a community of happy children, happy parents, and happy teacher into new markets.