Industry Audit

Company Audit

Each aspect of your organization’s current claims, services/products, sales processes, and marketing performance will be documented as a reference point. Agency research alongside interviews with your organization’s leadership and key sales & marketing staff uncover any differences in perception of the current state of the sales & marketing strategy.


Competitor & Peer Audit

Having a clear understanding of other organization’s that are vying for your audience’s attention helps set the stage for what is and is not working in the market. Knowing how your competitors are positioning themselves in the market, presenting their brand, and engaging with their audience provides the information necessary to establish a differentiated approach that keeps you from becoming more of the same.


Brand Heath Assessment

Every aspect of your current brand strategy will be deconstructed in a similar way to the competitor brand audit reports. Strengths, weaknesses, and missing pieces will be identified and graded in order to identify what elements should stay in place, what elements need to be improved, and what elements still need to be created during the brand execution phase.


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