Traditional Marketing

Effective marketing spans both digital and traditional channels. Print, direct mail, radio and television advertising are still major factors in the exposure game. A combination of traditional and digital channels creates an immersive experience designed to keep your brand top-of-mind for your audience.

Doing What Works

In the world of marketing, there is no universal “right strategy.” Effective marketing depends on your company, your industry and your audience. Sometimes, digital marketing is the right approach. But the internet is filled with easy-to-ignore noise, and often a great way around that is to go back to the basics. For certain audiences, direct mail may¬† be the most effective communication channel. TV and radio advertisements can still be wildly effective for the right product with the right production. At Luminus, we believe in executing marketing that works.

Hitting The Right Combination

In the modern marketing world, with ever-changing media consumption habits and information overload, it’s rare that one tactic alone will successfully reach every segment of your audience. Finding the right combination of communication¬† tactics to maximize results is part of developing a strategic creative campaign.

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