Pick'd Hydroponic Microgreens

Ground-up Branding To Maximize Growth

Fulmer Valley Farms was launching their flagship retail product. They needed their brand built from the ground up, and they needed market-ready assets to put in front of potential investors in order to achieve their commercial goals.
Fulmer Valley Farms uses a state-of-the-art hydroponics systems to grow nutritious and delicious microgreens. As they prepared to package and sell their fresh greens, they came to Luminus looking for someone to steer them in the right direction so they could stand out in a crowded market. They needed a developed identity to complement their go-to-market plan in order to attract and obtain the investors they required.
Their products deserved a brand that put the enhanced flavor and freshness of the microgreens front and center.
With that objective in mind, we put Pick’d through the full branding process. Relying heavily on our market research, we named the product, designed a visual identity and wrote a mission and backstory that underscored just how different these greens were from anything else on the market.

Pick'd Microgreens

Natural splendor plus clean growing technology make Pick’d something special.

Designing with Restraint

Designing the packaging for Pick’d,was an exercise in restraint. Shoppers needed to see the freshness for themselves. That meant having as little labeling as possible.
We chose a clear clamshell package with a thin label that included only essential information: a bar code, a product number and minimal copy that explained exactly what made Pick’d special. Labels were color-coded so that each individual plant type would stand out on its own while still clearly being part of the Pick’d brand family.