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The Value Of Video To A Marketing Strategy

Building Brands Ep 11 Andy Donovan The Value Of Video To A Marketing Strategy

Andy Donovan, President and CEO of dPost and dStudio in Buffalo, NY talks about how video can provide extremely engaging creative as part of an integrated marketing strategy, how to approach this type of production, and the value that you can get in return depending on your objectives.

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Social Media For Building Materials Marketing

Building Brands Ep 10 Julianna Arjes & Taylor Friehl Social Media For Building Materials Marketing

Julianna Arjes, Social Media Strategist and Taylor Friehl, Designer at Mortarr dive into the importance of creating connections with your audiences through social media, what to expect when committing to a social media strategy, and how to measure its effectiveness.

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Brand Strategy During A Pandemic

Brand Strategy During a Pandemic Ep 9 Tim Bouchard of Luminus

A solo-cast with Tim Bouchard, Partner / CEO of Luminus, talking through the situations companies are finding themselves in as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in regards to brand strategy’s importance to marketing communications during an economic downturn.

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Brand Strategy For Sales & Service Teams

Building Brands Ep 8 Mike Bowers Brand Strategy For Sales & Service Teams

Mike talks about the importance of executing brand strategy, not just in external communications, but internally. How brand dilution can happen through the various levels of your sales channels. And why over communicating, might not be a bad thing right now.

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Crowdsourcing Building Products R&D

Building Brands Ep 7 Billy Peele Crowdsourcing Building Products R&D

Billy touches on the importance of new product development and how Doug Mockett & Company has used crowdsourcing product design through their annual design competition to augment their new product pipeline and amplify their brand.

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Influencer Marketing For Building Materials Manufacturers

Building Brands Ep 5 Matt Risinger Influencer Marketing For Building Materials Manufacturers

Matt dives into a number of topics centered around the benefits of using influential content creators as part of a marketing plan to increase exposure, where to find these influencers, and how you might approach working with one.

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Using Brand Strategy to Successfully Launch Product Lines

Building Brands Episode 4 with Amy Gath & Meghan Howell of Formica

Amy & Meghan touch on the importance of a corporate brand strategy, marketing’s involvement in new product development, and the most important things to keep in mind when bringing a new product into the market.

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International Brand Strategy & Knowing Your Customers

Building Brands Episode 2 Kevin DeMars of Thermory USA

Kevin talks about how Thermory USA was introduced into the North American markets and the challenges he faced, how product education and innovation have supported their rapid growth, and how truly understanding his customers needs has led to more successful and measurable marketing activities.

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The Importance of Brand Strategy for Building Materials Manufacturers

Building Brands Episode 1 Mike LaDuca of Luminus

Mike LaDuca, Chief Creative Officer at Luminus, talks about the world of brand strategy, what went into him developing strategic marketing and branding processes, how Luminus entered into the building materials marketing space, and how organized brands can play a support role in their various distribution and sales channels.
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Building Brands Podcast Trailer

Building Brands Podcast Trailer - Tim Bouchard - Building Materials Marketing Podcast

A quick glimpse into what’s to come for the Building Brands podcast!

Launching January 2020. Stay tuned!

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