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Bridging The Connection Between Designers & Manufacturers

Building Brands Ep 25 - Jeff Carlson - Bridging The Connection Between Designers & Manufacturers

Jeff Carlson, Principal at My Resource Library talks about bridging the gap between the A&D community and manufacturers digitally, making designers’ lives easier, how to support dealers, and how a strong brand can help elevate the experience with a manufacturer.

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Best of 2020 Building Materials Marketing Tips

Building Brands Ep 24 - Best of 2020 Building Materials Marketing Tips

Tim Bouchard recaps the first season of Building Brands by pulling the best building materials marketing tips from a few of the awesome season 1 guests that have shared their experiences with us this year. You’ll hear about how brand, market, and business work together, the value of knowing your audiences really really well, why an amazing brand identity is important, what to consider when launching a product, how to position your company within a niche, using social as an customer engagement platform to strengthen the consumer connection, and what the value of all of this brand stuff we’ve been talking about this year is.

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Technology’s Role In Building Materials Marketing

Building Brands Episode 3 Benjamin Glunz of Formica

Ben talks about how BIMsmith was started, the ways technology is providing advantages for manufacturers, how it’s benefiting building professionals, and what future role technology will play in the building materials industry.

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