A quick glimpse into what’s to come for the Building Brands podcast!

Launching January 2020. Stay tuned!

Hello everyone, my name is Tim Bouchard, partner and CEO of Luminus in Buffalo, NY.

This right here is a trailer for my new podcast Building Brands.

The Building Brands podcast will be a biweekly show that dives into marketing and branding strategies relating to the building materials industry.

If you’re an owner or marketer in the manufacturing, distribution, or contracting spaces, this podcast is for you.

In each show I’ll dive into a wide variety of topics with industry experts in the building materials and marketing spaces.

So whether you’re reinventing a well established company or introducing a new company or product line to the market, these conversations will allow you to draw inspiration from the experiences and knowledge of others who have been there before and succeeded.

So, subscribe now and get ready to join me in January 2020 for our first episode.

See you then!