Social Media Management

Here’s the problem with most branded social media accounts.

For one thing, they take the “social” out of social media. If you’re going to invest in social media as a marketing initiative, then you need to be willing to engage.

For another, they willfully misunderstand what people want on social media. They focus on serving up the content that they think sells instead of the content that people actually care about.

The good news is that there is a much better way to approach social media marketing for your business. If you’re interested in finding out how, read on.


Most brands don’t have an articulated social media marketing strategy. They don’t know what their desired outcomes are or how they’ll achieve them: they just know that everyone else is on social media and that it’s a nice ego boost when someone likes your page.

Without a strategy, you’re wasting money. We can help you to develop a common sense social media strategy that meets your business needs and produces an actual, trackable return on investment. By applying your brand’s voice & tone when posting content and engaging with followers you can continually build good will and loyalty with your customers.


Most business owners don’t have time to run their social accounts the right way. It can feel like a full-time job, and you never really get a chance to step away from it if you’re going to be responsive and engaged. Luminus can help, providing smart social media management that takes the minutiae off your plate while still fully engaging you in the decision-making process.


Do you have Facebook or LinkedIn pages that are in dire need of matching your brand? We can help you adjust your social media profiles to provide a consistently branded first impression for your customers.


Let us help coordinate your social media outreach posts to achieve optimal visibility and reach to your followers. We’ll help you to identify and produce content that will actually resonate with your customers, maximizing your reach and your return on investment.


It’s not enough to simply post relevant and worthwhile content to your profiles. You must engage with your audience as they comment, react, and post themselves within related networks online. Customers are demanding attention on social media in a variety of ways, but most importantly as a sales and customer support channel. This can no longer afford to be ignored.


Need to make a splash on Facebook? Engage on Twitter? Look professional on LinkedIn? Get visual on Instagram? We can help.


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