Systems Personnel

Improving Lives Through Employment

Systems Personnel approached Luminus looking for an updated sales presentation. They’d been in business a while, but hadn’t taken a critical look at their marketing in years. As an area leader in recruiting and staffing for the healthcare, IT and finance industries, they knew strong message delivery was key to growing their business. After sitting down with Luminus, we mutually decided that a shift in focus was the smart next move. They needed a strong brand with a strategic core message and unified visual identity to drive forward their sales and recruitment efforts.

Systems Personnel

Perfecting the Sales Presentation

Systems Personnel’s existing materials weren’t working as well as they needed them to. We took a look at their website, sales materials, and logo and found that they were confusing and dated, which was not representative of the brand or their work.

"We worked hand-in-hand to devise a tight presentation that was on-brand and on-message."

Designing a Full Identity

We worked on developing a logo, as well as a full identity for Systems Personnel so that their visual presentation would always be up-to-date and consistent. This included establishing a font, color scheme, guiding values and mission statement to ensure their marketing efforts stayed cohesive.

Focusing on What Matters

Initially, Systems Personnel was expecting a refined recruitment presentation but soon realized that the focus needed to pivot to their Managed Staff Augmentation (MSA) service. Systems Personnel saw an opportunity in the healthcare companies they were working with, in which they would manage and provide staff for system updates that range anywhere from 6-24 months.

Finding Solutions

Using the “Challenger Model” sales approach, we designed a presentation that would highlight System Personnel’s solutions for staffing issues. Starting with a whiteboard session, moving to a full storyboard, we worked hand-in-hand to devise a tight presentation that was on-brand and on-message.

Designing a Digital Presence

Before Systems Personnel came to us for their presentation, they had already been working with another vendor to build a new website. We worked with this vendor to ensure that the new website stayed on-brand, working with the team to develop all new copy and a consistent look.

A Brand Worth Employing

By refining both the digital and physical assets that serve as a point of contact for potential customers, Systems Personnel was able to create a striking and consistent visual presentation for their brand. But more than that, they were able to take the time to sit down and think through what made their company special, and that knowledge will guide them for years to come.