Elizabeth Fuhrmann

Content Developer

Making a career pivot during the course of one's life is not that uncommon. But deciding to uproot one's life and career during the middle of a global pandemic? That's a little bold. And that's exactly what Liz did.

Liz has worked as a Producer with award-winning teams of journalists at both WROC in Rochester and WGRZ in Buffalo. However, Liz felt that she needed more room to grow and let her creativity run free. That's what brought her to Luminus.

Storytelling has been a passion of Liz's for as long as she can remember. Some have even lovingly referred to her as a "word nerd". Her love of writing and attention to detail aside, she is committed to creating things that leave a lasting impact on people.

When she's not working, Liz likes to contribute to Qween City, take her Canon out for some still photography, do some modeling and cosplaying, or you can even find her live streaming on Twitch.

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