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Jennifer Zimpfer, Project Manager at Luminus
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Project Manager

Jennifer Zimpfer

Jennifer Zimpfer, Project Manager @ Luminus Drop-Shadow Pattern

Passion. Drive. Ambition. Thirst for growth. Just a few words that come to mind that describe Jen's role as she progresses in her career as a project manager. Jen got her foot in the door in project management when she was living in NYC back in 2005. The saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know" couldn't be more true, as it led Jen in having a casual conversation with the head of the PM department at one of NYC's most prominent advertising agencies. The rest is history.

With 15 years of experience under her belt, Jen takes pride in her work ethic and the skills she has acquired over the years that empower her to excel at her job, including her organizational and communication talents, her ability to think outside the box, seeing the entire picture and beyond, being anticipatory, being challenged by her peers in a healthy and tactful way, and having a keen understanding on what is the most effective and efficient way when it comes to a having a sustainable process.

Outside of being a PM, Jen loves seeing the world through her daughter's eyes, being cozy, enjoying a cocktail on a patio, supporting small business, laughing over nothing or something silly, and being in the presence of family and good friends.

I compare my role as a pm to an air traffic controller. I confidently ensure all projects land as smoothly as possible, and that each project can withstand any amount of turbulence that comes its way. - Jennifer Zimpfer