Joe Conti

Art Director

Hailing from Lancaster, New York, Joe spent the majority of his first 20+ years in competitive gymnastics as both an athlete and coach. It was through the sport that he learned that nothing worth having comes easy, and hard work and dedication will surely lead to success.

Now retired from the sport of gymnastics, Joe believes in these principles and applies them to all aspects of his life including his design process. Throughout his career, Joe has spent time in all manner of design environments from a small prepress shop to full-service marketing agencies. At all of these places, he has always stuck to his belief that good, functional design will always require a keen eye for details and tireless dedication to process and creative problem-solving. The results of which are bound to leave you with something that not only looks good but that you are truly proud of.

In his off-time, you’re likely to find Joe trying his best to keep up with his wanna-be-ninja-son, Ethan, while his wife, Kelly, Baby Evelynn, and Auggie the Goldendoodle watch, thoroughly amused, from the sidelines. In his off-off-time Joe is probably lacing up his skates for a hockey game, enjoying a fine whiskey, or watching Doctor Who or Firefly for the billionth time.

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