John Connelly

Programming Director

October the 24th was a snowy Buffalo evening in 1988. Future singer/songwriter Drake had just turned two years old, the Buffalo Bills were building their famous Super Bowl team, and a teeny-tiny 9 pound, 6 ounce baby boy was born.

Fast forward roughly 30 years to today, and that boy is bigger, older, married, and the Programming Director at Luminus.

The act of writing a bio tends to feel a bit self-aggrandizing, and it makes one ask oneself some of life’s really important questions. How personal should a bio be? How professional should a bio be? Should one refer to oneself exclusively as CodeBoy for most of the bio? These are the hard-hitting questions that the rest of this bio hopes to answer.

From a formal education standpoint, CodeBoy hails from the Media Studies department at SUNY Buffalo, which did two main things for him. 1) It helped him to become pretty good at identifying and solving problems. 2) It left him with the problem of having few concretely marketable skills that employers would be eager to pay him for.

CodeBoy solved this problem by learning some programming on YouTube, which led him into a career of making websites. To quote Twitter user @JustinMezzell,

“I recommend coding if you enjoy aggressively alternating between feeling like the dumbest and the smartest person alive.”

CodeBoy couldn’t have said it better himself, which is why he quoted this tweet.

Stepping outside of this CodeBoy identity (mainly because the joke ran its course pretty quickly), John has a family of good people and some pretty great small dogs. He enjoys games of both the video and tabletop variety. Maybe he indulges too much, but they help him him stay happy and keep a generally positive outlook on life.

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