The Oak Stave

Work Hard, Savor The Reward

The founders of The Oak Stave saw opportunity in bringing the experience of a hip, upscale city-style restaurant to the suburbs. They approached Luminus to design a handful of assets for an original brand they'd devised on their own. As it turned out, the brand they wanted to create already existed. So Luminus instead helped them build a successful brand from scratch that would resonate with their customers and stand the test of time.They needed a brand built from the ground up, including a name. Working together with the owners, we were able to create a brand that works hard and delivers on its promise.

2016 - Current

Brand Development


Visual Identity

Market Strategy

Integrated Campaign



2016 Addys Silver - Logo Design

2017 Addys Silver - Integrated Campaign

Oak Stave

What's in a Name?

Working with the client to get the perfect name, we went through a detailed analysis of many options. We had a spirited discussion and slowly eliminated names that didn’t pass the test. Collectively, we felt The Oak Stave represented our best chance of building a strong and lasting brand that customers would identify with.

"A job well done deserves more than just thanks. It deserves respect."

Telling a Story

Much of The Oak Stave’s visual identity stems from the repeated use of icons that tell the story of the distilling process. These icons demonstrate just how much hard work goes into every single drink that The Stave’s patrons enjoy.

Oak Stave Custom Icons

It’s all about the delivery.

For a restaurant, the menu is one of the most crucial brand vehicles. The Oak Stave needed a menu that was in line with brand standards and still easy to read. A simple ingredient-listing style, instead of flowery descriptions, was the best realization of The Oak Stave’s brand: keep things simple and let the work speak for itself.

Oak Stave Monday Specials Ad
Oak Stave Monday Specials Ad
Oak Stave Monday Specials Ad
Oak Stave Monday Specials Ad

The Total Package

The Oak Stave needed a website that truly told its tale, and gave visitors all the usual information. Luminus developed a voice that matched the visual identity and created a cohesive website that encouraged visitors to dig deeper into the Oak Stave story. The voice and the visuals were combined to create an engaging social media presence, generating opening-day and special event buzz that brings consistent traffic to the restaurant.

Hard Work Pays Off

Much like The Oak Stave’s brand says, the hard work that both Luminus and the restaurant owners put into brand development paid off. The Oak Stave opened to an audience ready to embrace a restaurant that builds its success right alongside the hardworking community it serves.