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Voice & Tone

Consistency Matters

Maintaining a consistent voice & tone in creative concepts and copywriting for all collateral makes for an approach that is relevant to your target audience personas. Your prospects can’t pick up on the brand’s body language, but they can pick up on how the brand communicates in other ways.

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Building Trust

Bringing the Brand Values

Beyond the logo, a brand represents itself through the perception it creates within people’s minds. Brand voice & tone guidelines are one of the most effective tools for relating to your target audience.

Your brand voice is the overarching personality that you want your brand to have. It includes the things that are never going to change, no matter who you’re talking to or what channel you’re using. Voice will determine things like whether your brand is more laid-back and uses slang or is professional, using to-the-point wording.

Brand tone gives you more wiggle room among those channels and audience groups. We do this in real life. The way you talk to your best friend versus the way you’d talk to your boss would probably be different. You adapt based on your surroundings and the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

The copy in your brand materials carries the weight of conveying the value of your service or product to the reader and inspiring them to take action. A formal voice & tone guide makes it possible for both internal and external creative teams to write consistent copy for campaigns and materials no matter who is producing them.

Voice and tone, if it’s done right as part of your comprehensive brand, should extend beyond what Luminus is going to deliver for you. It should be ingrained and integrated into how your entire team communicates. Anyone who is engaging with your company should get that same voice – it should extend far beyond advertising and ripple throughout the company. - Tess Felton, Associate Creative Director
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