Luminus: A Creative Agency

We discover who you are by challenging who you think you are.

Good agencies deliver what you expected. Great agencies deliver what you need. By challenging your assumptions, we build a brand capable of cutting through the noise, inspiring loyalty and transforming the way you do business. We practice creativity without restraint. Creativity that comes from comprehensively understanding your business, and constantly asking “why not?” The results defy expectations and capture the imagination of your audience. Because at Luminus, the limit on what’s possible should never be your thinking.

We Practice Creativity Without Restraint

If it doesn't exist, create it.

Co-founders Tim Bouchard and Mike LaDuca have always been driven by feelings of creative restlessness.

Tim created his own line of comic books and started a record label. Mike started making art as soon as he could pick up a crayon and turned it into a career. When they met, they bonded over a mutual desire to work somewhere that valued creativity without restraint. But that place didn’t exist.

So, as they’d been doing their whole lives, they decided to create it.

Tim and Mike teamed up to do innovative work for clients who valued partnership, transparency and critical thinking. In 2009, Luminus was born.

Soon, Luminus became a destination for up-and-coming marketing professionals, transitioning from an outlet for two gifted freelancers to a booming creative agency. As the agency grows, the drive stays the same: stay creative, stay restless and create what you want to see in the world.

John Connelly

Development Director

Joe Conti

Art Director

John English

Art Director

Tess Felton


Jess Kobis

Account Coordinator

Jeffrey Quinn

Account Executive

Josh Robinson

Digital Designer

David Ruler

Business Developer

Joseph Tilton

Digital Marketing Specialist


Don’t just earn trust - deserve it.


The limit on what’s possible should never be your thinking.


Challenge fuels the unexpected.


If it doesn’t exist, create it.