Luminus is a creative agency focused on digital, known over the last 10 years for crafting and executing brand strategy through high performance websites paired with successful and measurable digital marketing campaigns.Built on the belief that challenging ourselves, our ideas and our clients results in the most unique and effective solutions for the brands we manage. We’ve thrived on maintaining a collaborative environment where ideas are challenged and criticism is encouraged. We hold ourselves to high standards. We don’t settle for anything less than the best possible work.

We live in an open, creative environment where transparent communication between management and team rules the day, and we can each create a work environment that inspires us. Because egotistical leadership, beige walls, and cubicle cells only serve to hold us back. Creativity takes space. All this, combined with our flexible work policy that includes flexible hours and WFH opportunities, provides the right environment to make amazing work and provide professional and financial growth for our team.

The Lumifam

At Luminus, we thrive on working alongside like-minded, creative people, and learning from coworkers who consistently rise to the occasion. We work in an open, transparent environment with collaborative communication that's never driven by ego. Our work is made better by the diverse personalities who work, joke and eat lunch here. Also, PRANKS.

The Perks

We have dogs (so many dogs) in the office most days. We offer generous amounts of time off for every team member, starting from day one. We work hard and have profit sharing opportunities, as well as health insurance and retirement plans and contributions. Our team operates on a flexible schedule with the ability to work from home. There also happen to be in-office candy and popcorn machines, if you're into that sort of thing.

The Growth

If you're a self-starter and want to chart your own career path with a growing company, this is the place. You have ownership of your own role and opportunities to expand it as new skills are acquired and processes are fine-tuned. You'll have a voice, and a direct impact on your career and our company's growth. At Luminus, you'll never work in a silo. We operate in a full-team collaborative atmosphere. There is no micromanaging here.

The Life

We work in an open, creative environment designed to inspire and encourage. Make no mistake - we get stretched and push hard, but we take advantage of every minute to learn, improve and have fun. At the end of a hard day, it's not uncommon for a bourbon or beer to cap us off. We roll with a flexible dress code so you can be yourself, but don't forget about #FridayTieDay. When you work at Luminus, you have the flexibility to fit real-life responsibilities, such as doctors appointments, moving, or your dog being sick, into your day-to-day.

Luminus Team Openings

Would you like to chart your own career path with a growing company, without being constrained by rigid silos? Are you excited by coworkers who consistently rise to the occasion and the reward of knowing you do, too? Perhaps you want to work with clients you care about and not within volume-based service packages?

If you feel like your skill set can contribute to our team, keep an eye open for our job postings here and follow us on Facebook & Instagram.


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