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We happen to have a love for any client work that has to do with buildings and beer. Innovation runs through the veins of these companies and we thrive riding shotgun on their journey while they allow us to tell their stories through a unified brand strategy and optimized digital campaign experiences.

Thermory USA

2016 - Current

Thermory stands firmly on the belief that not all wood is created equally. This is the story of how Luminus helped Thermory USA increase their sales by 30% in 6 months.

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Druthers Brewing Co.

2012 - Current

As Druthers expanded, it was critical to finalize brand identity styles to create a consistent experience between locations. Here’s how Luminus expanded and elevated the customer experience.

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Client Services: A Team Effort at Luminus

Client Services: A Team Effort at Luminus

It’s known that at Luminus, everyone on the team shares the workload and pulls their own weight. However, there’s a trio that keeps the company the well-oiled machine that it is.

(Not to compare the team to the Avengers, but…) Each person has their own strengths and characteristics: and when they assemble, great things can be achieved for the company and our clients.

Over the last six to nine months, owner and CEO, Tim Bouchard (like Nick Fury) began assembling this group together.

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