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Your digital marketing success should be measured by more than clicks and views, and your audience deserves better than gimmicks and clickbait. We often hear organizations say things like “digital marketing hasn’t worked for us.” But that leaves us wondering what you’ve tried, and what it was anchored to. Digital marketing strategy should look a little different for everybody – and should extend far deeper than the ads you put out into the world. We’re committed to finding what works. Clients like you rely on our team of experts in strategy, creative, and marketing to develop a high-performance digital ecosystem that actually makes an impact and strengthens your brand. Are you ready to try something different?

Proof in results.

Higher conversion percentage, longer time on page, growing rankings. Lower cost-per-click, reduced bounce rate, and faster load times. These are all statistically significant wins for our clients, but what if we told you one of the biggest differences in their experience with our team is the proactive strategy, transparent reporting, and personal interactions they have along the way? At Luminus, collaboration starts (and ends) with connection.

Doodle Bugs!

2015 - Current

After 25 years in operation, Doodle Bugs! was ready to take their reputation to the next level. They wanted to increase enrollment, and that started by increasing the number of tour requests. So that's what we did.

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Druthers Brewing Co.

2012 - Current

As Druthers expanded, it was critical to finalize brand identity styles to create a consistent experience between locations. Here’s how Luminus expanded and elevated the customer experience.

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How to Develop a Content Writing Strategy

How to Develop a Content Writing Strategy | Content Marketing Strategy

“Content is King.” We’ve all heard this phrase. It became the mantra of savvy marketers sometime in the neighborhood of 8 years ago, and though the phrase is now tired, the message still rings true. So you know you need content, but what does that mean? And why?

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How To Make A Website One Of Your Best Marketing Tools

How To Make A Website One Of Your Best Marketing Tools

It’s no secret that marketing has started to lean heavily into the digital advertising and engagement channels of search, social, and web publications. All of this has opened up the world of cost-effective, efficient, highly-targeted, and performance-based marketing opportunities that can have really impactful returns for businesses of all sizes.

Inbound marketing positions your website as one of your best marketing tools to fuel business growth. This article outlines how to make a website that is ready to perform for you.

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