Tess Felton

Associate Creative Director

“You know, they offer business classes at most colleges.”

When Tess announced her intentions to become an English major, her mother offered up that sage advice.

Tess, of course, ignored her. Her mother was focused on her future, but didn’t she know that Tess really liked to read? She liked reading a lot more than she liked pivot tables. Still does. Tess forged ahead in her quest to earn a classic “useless liberal arts degree,” and looked forward to the day when her mother might eat those words.

When the day finally came and Tess was able to tell her mother that her spunky little reader was offered a promotion to Associate Creative Director, she finally got the moment of sweet vindication that she’d been craving.

“Make sure you get it in writing.”

Tess’s journey from Book It all-star to English major to copywriter to ACD may have been met with middling enthusiasm from those who’d be doomed to support her if she failed, but if there’s anything she knows for sure, it’s this: no one achieves anything alone. So do yourself a favor and check out the bios of the brilliant team she has the privilege of working with. After all, the magic of Luminus is in the people.

From the blog: "Lumifam Feature: Tess Felton"

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