Tess Felton


Fill in the word bank below before reading Tess's bio. No cheating!

Tess Writes Good Stuff

What, exactly, is a copywriter? That’s a question! She actually gets asked that approximately times a week. Copywriters create the messages used in advertising and marketing. Ideally, those messages are and . Typically, they involve compelling to take action.

As a copywriter, Tess’s favorite word is . If you read carefully, you’ll find that she uses it over and over again. When clients read her work and say, “!” that’s how she knows she delivered a truly message.

In her spare time, Tess loves to , and she can usually be found with her dog or tormenting her cat, who loves eating anything, especially . Lately, Tess has been trying to set the world record for ever recorded. Cross your fingers!

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