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One step at a time.

Chances are, you came here today because you have a specific need.

Meaningful digital marketing takes time.

Whether you’ve got a healthy budget or a starter budget, creating a thriving digital marketing ecosystem doesn’t happen overnight. So let’s figure out what you need, why you need it, and what you’re hoping to achieve. Then, we’ll come up with a plan of action that hits your marks.

A thoughtful approach.

We want to get you what you need to be successful. But we may challenge your initial ideas to make sure we can deliver meaningful results. We take a thoughtful, strategic approach to every project or phase of your digital marketing plan.

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What result are you looking for? We’ll make sure we pave the right path.


We make it happen, you focus on your business.


It’s not just lip-service, we’ll bring the receipts (i.e. analytics and monthly reports).


Want even better results? Great marketing is often about playing the long game.

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The Partner You Need

Part of your team… or a trusted vendor.

Looking for a long-term partner to take your entire digital marketing plan and run with it? We can do that.

Looking for a quick project that keeps you in control and achieves a specific set of goals? We can do that too.

Our digital marketing agency's dynamic and experienced team is ready to take on the challenge and make recommendations based on a decade of experience and a finger on the pulse of what’s working right now.

A full suite of services.

We specialize in all things digital – and after all, isn’t that the way of the modern world?
Start with a single service, choose a curated bundle, or dive in head first – we’re ready to deliver.

Digital Marketing Creative Production Branding & Strategy


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing unobtrusively engages your audience in an interactive way within search, social, and email platforms. Many brands benefit from the creation of useful content for online resources, such as blogs, opt-in newsletters and paid promotions as a way to soft-sell to their audiences. Digital marketing agencies like Luminus are experts at cultivating high-quality, highly-effective content that gets the most out of the promotional dollars spent.

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Creative Production

Your digital marketing campaigns and websites need strong creative behind them to support the strategy and engage your audience. And strong creative is most effective when it’s born from a properly-branded organization that knows exactly who they are and what they deliver. The best creative work isn’t always the catchiest or the funniest - it’s the work that truly showcases your organization and lets it shine in the eyes of your audience. At Luminus, we bridge creative prowess with digital marketing expertise.

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Branding & Strategy

You need a holistic strategy for the brand that defines its place in the market. Your brand must confidently define its core message and adhere to a unified visual identity. It must understand your audiences, and know your place in the market. Our creative digital marketing agency offers valuable outside perspectives. We help shape brand strategy from scratch or reassess existing brand strategies, ensuring that they align with your company’s goals in the market.

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