Our Strategic Branding Process

Creative for marketing must achieve more than a beautiful design.

Strategy plays a critical role in dictating the approach to creative that not only looks great, but invokes an emotional response and motivates the viewer to take action. In order to achieve this connection with an audience, it’s incredibly important for a brand to truly understand the characteristics, common paint points, and behaviors of that audience.

Our strategic branding process is continually honed and fine-tuned, ensuring we’re having the right conversations, performing the right exercises, and developing the right strategy as we work in tandem with our clients. Our branding strategy is about more than logos, and our creative campaign strategy is born out of deep collaboration between our team and yours.

Our mission has always been dedicated to bringing relevancy back to creative marketing. Relevant marketing is unified and targeted messaging utilized in the right channels. Relevant brand strategy establishes clarity that saves time and money. Relevant creative is optimized for the right audience ready to convert.

From our Building Brands Podcast

A solo-cast with Tim Bouchard, Owner & CEO of Luminus, addressing the mystery that surrounds understanding the value and ROI of branding and strategy. By nature, a strategic engagement is meant to affect future outcomes, so this episode dives into what some of those intangible and even tangible measurable outcomes are along with how to track some of them in order to understand the long-term ROI of branding.


In order to identify where future opportunities are for the brand, we must first understand the current state of your organization, competitors, and brand health. Having an alignment between your organizational leadership and our agency team allows for a fully informed and honest approach to the strategic analysis phase.

Company Audit

Each aspect of your organization’s current claims, services/products, sales processes, and marketing performance will be documented as a reference point.

Agency research alongside interviews with your organization’s leadership and key sales & marketing staff uncover any differences in perception of the current state of the sales & marketing strategy.

Industry Audit

Having a clear understanding of other organization’s that are vying for your audience’s attention helps set the stage for what is and is not working in the market.

Knowing how your competitors are positioning themselves in the market, presenting their brand, and engaging with their audience provides the information necessary to establish a differentiated approach that keeps you from becoming more of the same.

Brand Health Assessment

Every aspect of your current brand strategy will be deconstructed in a similar way to the competitor brand audit reports.

Strengths, weaknesses, and missing pieces will be identified and graded in order to identify what elements should stay in place, what elements need to be improved, and what elements still need to be created during the brand execution phase.


The most critical phase of this process is an intense series of collaborative exercises meant to challenge assumptions and clearly define the pillar elements of your organization’s new strategic marketing plan. Your organization’s leadership team and our agency team will work together to solidify a clear positioning statement derived from a differentiated collection of industry claims for the right target audience to confidently build a new brand strategy and marketing plan around.

Persona Development

Understanding who your target audiences are contributes to multiple aspects of your organization’s strategic marketing plan, including positioning, content strategy, brand persona, and advertising channels. Each audience persona will include a synopsis of the personality, scenarios, pain points, and desires. These factors will contribute to developing a buyers journey for each persona.

Claims Analysis

An analysis of each of your organization’s universal and service/product based claims will dive deep into what each claim means specifically to your organization and its target audiences. Each claim will be evaluated on its strength, consistency, and relevancy.

Positioning Development

Pairing your audience personas with a differentiated claim in the market results in a vertical or horizontal positioning statement that truly sets your organization apart from the competition.


Once strategy and opportunities are established, it’s time to dig into the visual and creative presentations for marketing communications. Here is where the fun starts. Designing the brand’s visual identity along with voice and tone will solidify the brand persona for use in the upcoming creative campaign work. Creative campaigns will be developed based on the relevant needs of the audience personas and fine tuned for the appropriate marketing channels.

Brand Identity Design

Whether a logo design is necessary or not, fully defining the visual elements of the brand will set the stage for creative that is designed so that all aspects of the campaign support each other. In this phase, logo formats, supporting graphics, fonts, typography, photography styles, and graphic layout styles will be defined so that all creative collateral moving forward will meet the quality standards of the new brand presentation.

Voice & Tone Development

Maintaining a consistent voice & tone in creative concepts and copywriting for all collateral makes for an approach that is relevant to your target audience personas.
This work results in a brand persona guide that can be used by copywriters for brand collateral as well as internal staff for how they approach audience interactions such as sales and service roles.

Buyers Journey Development

Understanding the scenarios your audience finds themselves in when researching, considering, and committing to an actionable conversion brings to the surface all of the opportunities for which marketing campaigns can support them. These opportunities will dictate the types of creative collateral that can be created, channels that should be utilized, and help with a prioritization of where to start with these projects.

Creative Campaigns & Marketing Management

The end result of the market strategy and brand strategy processes will be a full understanding of what creative collateral pieces and campaigns are necessary to move into production. This work typically starts with priority pieces such as a website or creative assets for an initial campaign. The priority project will allow for the first use of the new brand strategy to be fully implemented and put into action.

Throughout each year campaign progress will be monitored for its success allowing for augmentation or pivoting for any aspects of a campaign that demand attention. Each year, our team will assess the wins and challenges of the current marketing year and collaborate with your team to plan the following year's creative and marketing plan.

  • Annual Budget & Marketing Plan
  • Creative Campaign Management
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Graphic Design Support
  • Website Support
  • Analytics & Reporting