How do we make sure our work delivers results each and every time? It’s all about the process.


The Luminus process is continually honed and fine-tuned, ensuring we’re having the right conversations, performing the right exercises, and developing the right strategy as we work in tandem with our clients. Our branding strategy is about more than logos, and our creative campaign strategy is born out of deep collaboration between our team and yours.



Wisely Conceived

It fits seamlessly into your larger brand, creating a unified message and driving your business forward.

Creatively Unrestrained

It doesn’t always have to stretch your creative boundaries, but the challenge of creating it always should.

Proudly Judged

Work we’re proud of has stood up to every objection and critique and come out better because of them. If we aren’t proud of our work, we keep pushing.

Sharply targeted

Success means identifying the most impactful target audience, and capturing their imaginations. Great work isn’t for everyone.


Our creative process is the foundation of everything we do. It’s how we deliver great work that inspires loyalty and transforms your business. Every time.