How do we make sure our work delivers results each and every time? It’s all about the process.


The Luminus process is continually honed and fine-tuned, ensuring we’re having the right conversations, performing the right exercises, and developing the right strategy as we work in tandem with our clients. Our branding strategy is about more than logos, and our creative campaign strategy is born out of deep collaboration between our team and yours.

Our purpose has always been dedicated to bringing relevancy back to creative marketing. Relevant marketing is unified and targeted messaging utilized in the right channels. Relevant brand strategy establishes clarity that saves time and money. Relevant creative is optimized for the right audience ready to convert.




In order to identify where future opportunities are for the brand, we must first understand the current state of your organization, competitors, and brand health.

Having an alignment between your organizational leadership and our agency team allows for a fully informed and honest approach to the strategic analysis phase.


The most critical phase of this process is an intense series of collaborative exercises meant to challenge assumptions and clearly define the pillar elements of your organization’s new strategic marketing plan.

Your organization’s leadership team and our agency team will work together to solidify a clear positioning statement, target audience, and buyers journey to confidently build a new brand strategy and marketing plan around.


Once strategy and opportunities are established, it’s time to dig into the visual and creative presentations for marketing communications.

Here is where the fun starts. Designing the brand’s visual identity along with voice and tone will solidify the brand persona for use in the upcoming creative campaign work. Creative campaigns will be developed based on the relevant needs of the audience personas and fine tuned for the appropriate marketing channels.

Budget & Plan

A marketing budget is required as a starting point for building a marketing plan. In order to build this plan, the revenue of your organization and category norms will be considered.

With the marketing budget approved, the buyers journeys will come back into play as a full schedule of creative and service based activities will be planned for a 12 month period.


Our strategic marketing and optimized creative process is the foundation of everything we do. It’s how we deliver great work that inspires loyalty and transforms your business. Every time.