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Creative Production

Your digital marketing campaigns need strong creative behind them to support the strategy and engage your audience. And strong creative is most effective when it’s born from a properly-branded organization that knows exactly who they are and what they deliver. The best creative work isn’t always the catchiest or the funniest - it’s the work that truly showcases your organization and lets it shine in the eyes of your audience. At Luminus, we merge creative prowess with digital marketing expertise.

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Brand First Creative

Creative for digital marketing that achieves more than just a beautiful design.

Your brand’s creative assets are incredible marketing tools that need to live up to the expectations of not only the brand, but the market and your customers as well. At Luminus, we take a strategic approach to every creative project to ensure that it will not only look amazing, but provide value in its use. By implementing a uniform brand style and adhering to a familiar voice and tone for the brand’s persona, we produce relatable and motivational creative assets for both digital and traditional executions.


Words matter and we make sure you’re saying the right things.

Logo Design

Timeless design that bucks trends and stands out in the market for ages.

Graphic Design

Brand-first design that incorporates both form and function flawlessly.


High-quality photography that makes an impact on your digital & print materials.

Video Production

Tell stories in an engaging medium that has compound value over time.

Web Design

High-performance web design that informs, engages, and converts customers.

Web Development

Enhance online experiences with advanced functionality to support your processes.

Our Featured Work

Websites & Creative Projects

Creative objectives can be as straightforward as “sell this product” or as abstract as “brand exposure.” They can be print, digital, multimedia, or all three, as long as it’s a unified effort. Our team helps brainstorm ideas for creative executions that match your business objectives. We consider the target audience and suggest creative services and outlet channels to effectively engage them. Then the fun begins: the creative itself.

Druthers Brewing Co. The Oak Stave

Druthers Brewing Co.

Driven by a simple purpose.

As Druthers expanded to three locations, it was critical to finalize brand identity styles to create a consistent experience between locations. By utilizing the newly established typography, illustration style, and creation story of the brewery itself, a uniform collection of customer-facing design assets such as menus, boxes, glassware, and swag items were produced to elevate the customer experience while unifying the locations.

Druthers Brewery Branding, Brewery Website, Brewery Graphic Design Case Study | Digital Marketing Case Studies

The Oak Stave

Work hard, savor the reward.

The founders of The Oak Stave saw opportunity in bringing the experience of a hip, upscale city-style restaurant to the suburbs. They needed a brand built from the ground up, including a name. Working together with the owners, we were able to create a brand that works hard and delivers on its promise.

The Oak Stave Restaurant Branding Case Study | Restaurant Brand Identity | Restaurant Web Design
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