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Visual Storytelling

Visual imagery is a vital element of rich content. Creative agencies can shoot original, high-resolution photography and video to complement the copy and design of a campaign. If original visual content isn’t the right choice, we can source and edit appropriate stock photography. Either way, the end result is a professional, crisp piece to capture the attention and interest of your audience.

Luminus Photography | Social Media Photography Drop-Shadow Pattern

Carrying The Design

Photography as the foundation for great design.

As digital creative has become more and more important over the last two decades, so has the need for high-quality professional photography. Gone are the days that a website could be just text and graphics. With the rise of responsive web design came the need for more flexible design elements within a website's design, enter photography. Large photo elements and titles all but carry the design for websites. When it comes to social media, there is no social media without a strong bank of brand aligned photography.

Photography is an investment in the future as well. Staged service, location or product photography creates a bank of assets that can be used across print, digital, and social creative projects for as long as the content is still accurate and relevant.

Featured Photography Work