You want a holistic brand that understands its place in the market. A brand that confidently defines its core beliefs and adheres to a unified visual identity. Creative agencies like Luminus offer a valuable outside perspective. We help build brands from scratch, or reassess existing brands, ensuring they align with their mission and market space. Through interviews, observation and collective brainstorming, Luminus challenges your preconceived notions about who you are as an organization. The results? You’ll probably learn something new about your business, and we get an immersive education in your company and industry.


Branding from the ground up

When you start from scratch, it’s the perfect opportunity to carefully establish a core brand driven by market knowledge, fundamentals, and a unified visual identity. A well-developed brand opens doors and guides future opportunities for your organization. The Luminus process fills the gaps between your business plan and your target audience, developing the information and tools necessary to go to market. An outside and fresh perspective brings challenge and validation to confidently craft a meaningful brand strategy.


Re-Branding an old idea

Even the most successful organizations can grow stale with time as market variables shift. Economies change, technology advances, and consumers develop new habits. Turning a blind eye to such impactful changes can leave an organization caught off guard when a disrupter enters their market. Re-branding takes many forms, from a total departure to a renewed vision. In either case, a full assessment of market, fundamentals, and identity will expose new opportunities and validate existing elements.


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