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Persona Development

Know Your Audience

Understanding who your target audiences are contributes to multiple aspects of your organization’s strategic marketing plan, including positioning, content strategy, brand persona, and advertising channels. Each audience persona will include a synopsis of the personality, scenarios, pain points, and desires. These factors will contribute to developing relevant touch points for each persona.

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Get Personal

Delivering a relevant message.

Understanding who your target audience is helps inform digital marketing campaign strategy. These exercises build out multiple persona types that will outline demographic information, personality traits, pain points, and typical marketing channels that they may be found in. This information helps avoid writing and designing marketing pieces for the wrong audience. For example, if your persona is someone in their 60s and looking for Medicare, fast-paced videos with casual scripting posted on Instagram is likely not the way to reach them. That style of creative would be more suitable for a fashion brand targeting 15-25 year olds. It’s possible to have a wide range of personas, which simply means you must consider multiple types of content to help them through their buying journey.

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