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Marketing unobtrusively engages your audience in an interactive way within search, social, and email platforms. Many brands benefit from the creation of useful content for online resources, such as blogs, opt-in newsletters and paid promotions as a way to soft-sell to their audiences. Marketing agencies are experts at cultivating high-quality, highly-effective content that gets the most out of the promotional dollars spent.

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First Things First

Where should you start with marketing services?

You need marketing, and digital marketing is the most accessible and affordable first dip into the marketing playground. You need marketing, but it’s not as easy as picking a any marketing service, just hitting it hard and seeing what happens. That’s where a team of experts like Luminus comes into play. We help determine what YOU need. Not defined by a prepackaged list of services. We use your business objectives, customer behaviors, and budget to prioritize your first step and build a roadmap to a more integrated approach over time.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank organically for relevant search terms that boost your site’s traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay your way to the top, boost website traffic, and convert customers.

Social Media Advertising

Creative exposure advertising and retargeting that captures attention.

Social Media Marketing

Create strong bonds with your audience and build relationships that last.

Content Marketing

Increase your exposure online and inspire your audience along the way..

Email Marketing

Maintain customer relationships with regular touch points that provide value.

Some Of Our Results

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Successful creative digital marketing campaigns are driven by an informed up-front strategy. Investments in creative assets and digital marketing campaigns should follow a clear vision and work together to achieve tangible objectives beyond simply completing the projects. As a creative digital marketing agency, we help plan, execute, and optimize these projects into strategic digital interactions with your audience.

Doodle Bugs! Thermory USA

Doodle Bugs!

Helping child care centers grow.

A total creative and strategic rebrand after 25 successful years in operation, including a state-of-the-art website, visual identity, brand strategy, photography, videography, and more. Since then, we’ve been building up their digital marketing ecosystem, including website updates and automation, social media campaigns, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

Doodle Bugs Child Care Marketing Results | Child Card Digital Marketing Results | Child Care SEO | Childcare SEM

Thermory USA

Marketing campaigns with a lasting impact.

Luminus partnered with Thermory USA over several years. Early in the relationship, we focused on building up the brand and preparing it for national-level marketing campaigns. The last few years, we were able to shift our focus to digital marketing and see how a strategic, long-term approach can yield lasting, impressive results.

Thermory Building Materials Marketing Case Study | Building Materials Digital Marketing Case Study | Building Materials SEO & SEM
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