Digital Marketing Services

Where do you start with digital marketing services?

You need marketing, and digital marketing is the most accessible and affordable first dip into the marketing playground. You need marketing, but it’s not as easy as picking a digital marketing service, just hitting it hard and seeing what happens. That’s where a team of experts like Luminus comes into play. We help determine what YOU need. Not defined by a prepackaged list of services. Not because a services is the hot topic right now. We use your business objectives, customer behaviors, and budget to prioritize your first step and build a roadmap to a more integrated approach over time.

Advertising That Converts

Search advertising is one of the most accessible forms of advertising online. It’s also one of the most misused. You see, Google is in the business of ads, not advertising. They want to sell ad placements and take your money. That’s a recipe for disaster. Ad setup suggestions that aren’t scrutinized by an expert become wasteful spending that leads to worthless statistics, not conversions. Digital advertising that converts is based on meticulous targeting, engaging creative in the form of text and/or imagery, and a destination web page that inspires, educates, and motivates the visitor to take action.

Social Media Matters

Many brands struggle to maintain a consistent, engaging social media presence. As social media becomes the more-and-more-frequent go-to method of contacting and researching businesses and organization, effective use of social media is becoming less optional. Expert management of social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more is a critical part of both reputation management and general awareness campaigns.

Blogs With Something To Say

Blogs are everywhere. In a sea of poorly written, pay-per-word content and click-bait, an informative, well-written blog that speaks authoritatively on the topics that matter to your customers can really stand out in a saturated field. Not to mention the SEO benefits.

Speaking of SEO…

When it comes to Google search results, it’s all about SEO, or search engine optimization. Understanding and implementing the right keywords throughout your online content, in addition to creating and cultivating reliable, high-quality content and inbound links, can take your website from page five to top five search in engine results.


We often hear from prospective clients that SEO hasn’t worked for them in the past, or it’s too “hacky,” or takes too long. In most cases they have some justification for thinking that way, but there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to SEO, and it often demands more attention than a casual player can provide towards this long-term effort.


Why SEO and Content Marketing Should Be Done Together


Getting reviews for your business has always been an important tool to attracting new customers, as well as retaining them. While certain platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor have been around for some time, Google Reviews has become the new leader in online customer feedback aggregation. More customers and businesses are turning to Google to both find and list important information, such as revised store hours, safety policies, and more.