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Content Marketing

Brand Building Engagements

Content marketing is a fantastic engagement tool, but does come with the expectation that a lot of time, budget, and energy needs to be dedicated to produce not just any content, but valuable content for the audience. Quality over quantity is a good rule to follow with content marketing, but quantity does play a factor in success as long as you can hit the quality mark as well.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a brand building, educational, and inspirational tool for organizations to engage with their audience in a way that doesn’t take a sales-first approach. Content can be any form of communication asset that benefits the audience. This engagement method can include assets such as blog articles, white paper downloads, eBooks, videos, and podcasts.

In the days of old, content marketing looked more like press releases, newsletters, magazines, and look-books. While there are still uses for those types of content pieces, the drastic shift to digital delivery and direct outreach over the last 20 years has facilitated a transition for each of these old school tactics to their appropriate digital delivery channel instead.

It’s important to decide early on what your goals for content marketing are. Great content is not intended to sell, but to engage. Content goals can be aligned with SEO website traffic growth, customer education, or building authority within your market through your unique perspective and expertise.

Why do businesses need Content Marketing?

According to SEMRush, 84% of businesses have some form of a content marketing strategy. If you don’t, keep reading and you’ll find out why it’s time to step into the arena.

As digital marketing becomes more and more targeted and sales-performance based, it also becomes more intrusive in your audience’s everyday online experience. Content marketing adds the ability to create more relevant, relatable and entertaining experiences for that audience in a way that makes you stand out from the competition.

Brand building is about building trust as much as it is about building exposure. Content marketing achieves both of these objectives at once. Content can be utilized in multiple digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Content marketing also has compound long-term value. One major benefit to content like blog articles, eBooks, podcast episodes, YouTube videos is that they are published and available to be found or promoted indefinitely as long as their content remains relevant and accurate. It is very typical for your target audience to find one of these content pieces and dive deeper into the archive of other posts from your brand. This not only increases exposure, but builds long-term loyalty through a positive experience with the brand.

What makes Luminus different?

Our strategic processes allow our team to write truly valuable content that goes deeper than basic surface level information. By understanding the ins-and-outs of your brand and value proposition, we can address your audience’s pain points and desires with content that brings them into your world.

Our team knows how to appropriately blend digital marketing performance goals with delivering the audience value. When we develop content, it’s understood that any given piece has a goal associated with it and a multi-channel distribution plan. Again, quality over quantity.

Beyond the writing of the pieces themselves, our team has the creative expertise to bring these assets to life. Whether it’s an article, eBook, or video, our writers collaborate directly with our in-house creative team to execute engaging visuals and clean layouts.

How we do it.

We first develop a deep understanding of the pain points of your audience and common scenarios they encounter. This leads to content planning, budgeting, publishing schedules, and distribution plans. Developing content is a collaborative process that involves our team, our research, our client’s expertise, and outside experts/guests combining to produce high quality content that’s worthwhile for your target audiences.

Content Strategy & Planning

Planning is everything. It avoids scattershot tactics that may end up seeming disconnected. Our team uses a combination of keyword research, audience personas, and customer feedback to develop a content publishing schedule that makes sense for marketing performance and enhancing the customer experience. Furthermore, this plan helps our clients gauge when they may be called upon for their expert opinions and technical knowledge.

Content Development

Every content piece starts with an intent of education, inspiration, or support. From there we dive into industry and topical research, expert interviews, and client input. Your brand’s voice and tone is incorporated within the piece, whether it’s for an article, audio clip, or video scripting. The writing process includes feedback from you, the client along the way to make sure we hit the right chord.

Creative Execution

Content needs to be delivered in an engaging way and we accomplish this through branded visuals, illustration, video, and web page layouts that support the message being delivered. Creative not only gives any piece a polished look, but also aids in the communication of the topic and message being delivered. A well executed piece becomes share-worthy.

Distribution Plan

Developing content without a distribution plan is like talking to a wall. When a content piece is launched, our team will have predetermined how it will be found through channels such as search, social, email, and personal touches that owners or sales team members may have with customers.

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