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Email Marketing

Delivering Value

Staying top of mind with your target audience is a really effective way to keep customers engaged. Providing valuable and entertaining content that doesn’t focus on a sales pitch or hard sell allows your brand to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

What is Email Marketing?

This one is pretty straight forward. Utilizing email as a communication tool to deliver content that has sales, education, and inspiration elements within it.

This type of marketing is best done when actively and regularly sending emails to customers that have willingly signed up. Email marketing to an acquired list of contacts is risky business for both spam and success reasons.

Email marketing is best paired with content marketing so that there is a selection of content pieces to include in the email and avoid simply selling repeatedly to customers.

Why do businesses need Email Marketing?

According to Hubspot, email generates $42 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep customers moving along their first buying journey as well as engage existing customers to return. Having multiple touch points throughout the year that strike a supportive note with a soft-sell approach aids with this. These email recipients have already given “permission” to contact them, they are a great audience to have and should be respected.

Not a single person in the world wants to be repeatedly sold to. Potential customers and existing customers alike are looking for support from the brands they engage with as a way to enrich their own lives. This means that the brand needs to curate and create supportive content to be presented alongside soft-sell content.

What makes Luminus different?

We start with content. Content that’s rooted in strategy. We utilize our knowledge of your audience persona’s pain points and common scenarios and desire to curate and craft content that inspires and motivates the audience to act.

We plan. Having a predetermined schedule paired with objectives helps coordinate a tactic like email marketing with its counterparts, content marketing and social media marketing.

Too often we hear that email marketing doesn’t work, which is not true at all. We understand what it takes to be successful, effort. Without content, email marketing is nothing more than pestering sales outreach, which is usually why it fails to deliver results.

How we do it.

We rely on our content marketing and design teams to pair the most relevant features with the needs of the audience. We track email activity so that there’s an actual sense of what this marketing effort is achieving for your business. Most importantly, we write emails that we would want to read.

Content Curation

Our team gathers relevant content from your brand’s content marketing assets as well as external industry outlets. Each content piece has a feature writeup and sometimes graphics that compliment it to motivate the reader to click and read the full piece. The content selected is dependent on current trends, recent news from the brand, or timely service/product updates.

Email List Management

Email lists can be a very powerful tool to segment and target different types of customers in a personalized way. For example, a fashion company may have a general list with a women’s segment and men’s segment and each can have different approaches to content and design. Additionally, undeliverable addresses and inactive users should be regularly maintained to improve the performance of the email list as a while over time.

Newsletter Management

Our team utilizes tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact to design and compile email layouts. Depending on which platform is used, the team will design graphics, colors, and module layouts that help the content flow and, in some cases, even respond differently to different screen sizes. Proofing the email and assigning its release date and time are the final steps to launch.

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on delivery, open, and click rates helps determine the success of an email marketing campaign effort. It also helps course correct mid campaign if certain types of content or sales messaging are not gaining traction.