Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Here’s what most agencies get wrong about PPC advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) in general: they treat it like you can set it and forget it. There also tends to be a rushed approach that doesn’t factor in any true marketing strategy for relevant and cost-efficient audience targeting.

What they fail to see is that with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of testing and effort, you can continuously improve your PPC performance over time, minimizing upfront cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand-impressions while delivering your ads to qualified leads that are ready to convert.

How does it work?


Your PPC campaign starts with thorough keyword research which identifies which queries will be most valuable for your business. This research includes a mix of low-hanging fruit, moderately competitive and highly-desirable keywords to ensure that you maintain a steady revenue stream as we ramp up our efforts.


If you’ve ever paid attention to the paid ads on Google search, then you know firsthand that most of them are exactly the same. Your competition has found what works moderately well, set a static bid and let the ad run.

When everyone else is doing the same thing, that means we have the opportunity to excel. This is where your differentiated positioning shines in the market. We’ll design effective ads with your positioned messaging and differentiated claims that stand out, attract clicks and are so hyper-relevant to the searcher’s needs that it minimizes your upfront cost-per-click. And then we’ll test these ads against each other to continuously improve them.


As you may know, the cost for a click with a PPC ad is decided in real time. Advertisers “bid” in a simultaneous virtual auction that takes into account everything from your budget to the relevance of your ad to the quality of your landing page. We manage your bids to ensure that you stay within your budget while getting effective placements. We also continuously improve your ads and landing pages to drive your costs down.


More important than clicks or impressions is conversions. Our team at Luminus can design spectacular, sharply targeted landing pages that speak directly to your customers’ needs in a concise, effective manner that boosts your conversions over time.


We think it’s vital that you understand everything that’s happening with your PPC campaign. Our reporting doesn’t just list clicks, impressions and conversions: we break down what works, what doesn’t and where your budget is being spent every single month so that you’re empowered to make intelligent decisions on the future of your campaign.


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