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John English, Art Director at Luminus
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Art Director

John English

John English, Art Director @ Luminus Drop-Shadow Pattern

John was raised to be a problem solver, to take a hard look at an issue and find an elegant and efficient solution. That upbringing naturally led him to design.

When asked what design means to him, he would point to a certain chair in his living room. It’s a beautiful mid-century lounge chair with dark walnut arms and legs and a swooping tufted vinyl seat. Sleek and solid, it’s both the most stylish and the most comfortable piece of furniture that he and his wife own, the perfect marriage of form and function. That’s the same theory that John strives to convey in his work. If it looks good, it had better fulfill its purpose just as well. Otherwise, what’s the point?

In his off hours John likes adventure, being outside, and looking for birds. He was once bitten by a tiger. Heroes include Groucho Marx, Jacques Cousteau, and John Connelly, our development director. His biggest regret is not being born with bioluminescence.

“I just want to make things look good and work well. And then go outside.”

If you make stuff look good, people will take notice. - John English
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Team Feature

Russin Rebrand

John English, Art Director at Luminus talks about his favorite project, the Russin rebrand project launched in 2020. This project was a delicate balance of modernization and carrying through the legacy of a third-generation company.


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