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Tim Bouchard, Owner & CEO of Luminus
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Owner & CEO

Tim Bouchard

Tim Bouchard, Owner & CEO of Luminus Drop-Shadow Pattern

Tim Bouchard has always had an eagle eye for opportunity, and he uses that vision to drive growth at Luminus. Early on, before the start of Luminus, Tim specialized in digital design and website development as a freelancer.

Tim's roots in deeply strategic problem-solving equipped him to lead the Luminus team in the constant efforts of crafting optimized digital work based on relevant metrics and a strategic approach. Tim’s dedication to integrated digital marketing and customized conversion tracking is the catalyst for the Luminus team’s passion relentless pursuit of digital expertise.

Tim also stays active in the local and national advertising and marketing industries. From 2015-2019 Tim served locally on the AAF Buffalo board of directors, including two years as President where he achieved Division II President & Club of the Year honors in 2019. He has since served as AAF National Division II Chair on the national board of directors. In 2019, he was recognized as a leader in Buffalo's local business community as one of Business First's 40 Under 40 honorees.

Our mission is to always provide a relevant digital marketing experience for our clients’ audiences. To keep that promise, I focus on continually growing our incredibly talented team and developing rigorous strategic processes. - Tim Bouchard
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Team Feature

Druthers Brewing Co. Rebrand

Tim Bouchard, Owner / CEO at Luminus talks about his favorite project, the Druthers Brewing Co rebrand launched during the summer of 2020 that led to a new excitement around the brewery and some pretty great gains in the retail market.


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