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Josh Robinson, Digital Marketing Manager at Luminus
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Digital Marketing Manager

Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson, Digital Marketing Manager @ Luminus Drop-Shadow Pattern

A fixture of the local advertising community, Josh worked at several large ad agencies before joining the nimble creative team at Luminus.

He has a diverse background in both print and web production, and enjoys helping execute creative campaigns across a variety of channels and mediums. His strengths include an eye for detail and an analytical mind, which he exercises researching the latest design and digital marketing trends.

When not at the office, Josh has been known to indulge in his theatrical side, performing roles both onstage and behind the curtain as a scenic designer. He is also an avid consumer of both music and film, and has another full-time job fixing up his Victorian-era home on the weekends. You might find him in his natural habitat at a local vinyl shop, patiently thumbing through the stacks of new arrivals.

Great digital marketing helps to create frictionless buying experiences for a business’s customers or B2B partners. I help structure those experiences and measure them in ways that are valuable for our clients. - Josh Robinson
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Team Feature

P.U.N.T. Brand & Website

Josh Robinson, Digital Marketing Manger at Luminus talks about his favorite project, the P.U.N.T. brand & website project to relaunch the organization after their restructuring. Luminus has been working with P.U.N.T. for over 10 years and this latest push in 2019 really stepped up their game.