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Luminus Agency History | Digital Marketing Agency History

The Origin Story

Agency History

Luminus founders Tim Bouchard & Mike LaDuca | Luminus Media 2011 Drop-Shadow Pattern

Finding a place

If it doesn't exist, create it.

During the mid-2000s digital marketing was just a seed of an idea. Google Adsense was a new concept. YouTube had just launched. The iPhone hadn’t been announced yet. Terms like “apps,” “responsive,” and “mobile-friendly” did not exist. Facebook had yet to release its “News Feed” feature and had just started accepting user registrations from the general public. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest were not invented yet.

As new creative talent entered the industry they found themselves at a loss for finding agencies that were fully committed to the digital realm, limiting the possibilities to create what they knew was coming on the horizon. It was at that moment Tim Bouchard and Mike LaDuca, the original founders of Luminus, knew they had to create their own path forward and started working together as freelancers. Tim and Mike teamed up to do innovative work for clients who valued partnership, transparency and critical thinking. After a few years of working together, in 2009 Luminus was born so that other strategically-driven and digitally creative minds could find their place in the industry in a way that Tim and Mike could not.

It was the late 2000s and I wanted to start the type of digital marketing team that I was trying to find for myself, but didn't exist here yet. - Tim Bouchard
Luminus Digital Marketing Agency at the 2018 AAF Buffalo Big Tip-Off | Experienced Digital Marketing Team | Digital Marketing Agency Drop-Shadow Pattern

Making a mark

Creative & digital marketing done right.

Since then, Luminus has developed dozens of brands along with hundreds of digital marketing campaigns and websites. It has also become a destination for creative and marketing professionals who believe in the power of digital as part of an integrated approach to marketing. What’s mattered most for Luminus clients though, has been the strategic insights and digital campaign executions born from strategic branding process and the ability to use digital resources to build, track, and report on advanced KPIs to ensure relevancy and success for their creative campaigns.

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic that saw seismic transformations in society, culture, and life, Tim acquired full ownership of Luminus. Today, the company continues to strive to make an impact for clients by crafting modern and engaging customer experiences through relevant creative and optimized digital marketing strategy.