Words are the glue that hold the creative aspects together. Good copywriting matches campaign objectives with a unique brand voice and tone, crafting meaningful messages that inspire action. A controlled vocabulary guided by values and mission provides a sincere connection to the target audience of a campaign.

Finding your voice

Your brand should have a unique voice. You want to communicate in a tone that helps develop loyalty to your brand through shared interests and values, in a consistent, memorable voice that your audience will recognize across media channels, from your website to your social media to your print collateral and advertising. Luminus helps you find your voice by identifying what you stand for and how to most effectively reach your customers, and effective copywriters carry that voice and tone through every single audience engagement.

Crafting a unique message

In a saturated market, the specific words and terms you use to define your brand and drive customer engagement can be the difference between a new customer and simply getting lumped in with the competition. Carefully choosing the words that define you and cultivating a cure message around those words allows you to carve out your unique place in the market – the place that disrupts the expected and inspires the right action.

Creating memorable content

When it comes to content marketing, a list of SEO keywords will only get you so far. Memorable content that homes in on what matters to your readers helps endear you to your audience and identify you as an expert in your industry.  Copywriters understand how to blend well-written creative content with SEO so the result is both engaging and an effective driver to your website.

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