Brewery Branding & Restaurant Branding That Makes A Lasting Impact

When it comes to brewery branding strategy & restaurant branding strategy, customer experience and brand loyalty play a critical role in the long-term success of a business in the hospitality industry.

Our Luminus team has designed and launched a dozens of brands over the last ten years, but some of the most exciting and beautiful ones have involved brewery branding and restaurant branding projects. Our branding processes go much deeper than the logo and colors. We start with strategy and substance so that the cohesive identity comes from a meaningful place that sets the brand apart in its market. Crafting a fully-formed brand paves a uniform path for all brand elements, from menus to murals, to work together. This type of brand engages with the customer and creates a familiar and relatable identity. A brand of this quality, paired with excellent food and beverage product lines, leads to true long-term customer loyalty.

Immersive experiences that extend beyond food through great location, great service rituals, and interactive elements

In an industry where most restaurants and breweries are seeing market saturation and shortened lifespans, customer brand loyalty can be the key element that extends success beyond the initial opening phase when these establishments see early returns that quickly diminish. Customers in this space are demanding immersive experiences that extend beyond the food – they want a great location, great service rituals, and interactive elements like murals and augmented reality that give them the ability to share the brand through social media.

The Oak Stave Restaurant Branding Mural

When it comes to the localized hospitality business, the influence customers have on driving more business through social media posts, online reviews, and wearing merchandise is huge. This is where technology comes into play. The initial setup of a full digital ecosystem where customers can interact with the brand is key. Having the proper search engine business profiles, maps profiles, social media profiles, ecommerce for merchandise, and online ordering systems give customers the tools they need to be do-it-yourself loyal brand advocates.

Print and packaging pieces extend the brand experience beyond the physical location of the restaurant or brewery. To-go bags, take-home menus, boxes, can and bottle labels are all brand assets that reach beyond the on-site customer experience. To be associated with and loyal to a brand elicits a sense of pride. Having the best local beer with the most attractive labeling makes a statement in a store, in a customer’s home, in conversation or on social media. These are the elements that build brand-centered community and a sense of inclusion (or in some cases,  exclusivity).

The Brand Strategy & Creative Process in Action

Jamestown Brewing Company Branding

For Jamestown Brewing Company, their brand standard would be based off of the continued quality of traditionally brewed beer recipes, dating back to an original prohibition-era brewery bearing the same name. From there, the mantra “heirs to a proud tradition” was born. The brand strategy extended from the beer itself to local agricultural partnerships for sourcing ingredients and repurposing spent grains. The identity followed the theme of the mantra and used early European design elements for inspiration. Entering distribution was not in the initial start-up phase plans, since JBCo was planning to only brew and serve beer at their location upon opening. Future plans to enter distribution in cans remain on the table, so a label design and product identity style concept was developed so they would be ready for that moment.

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Jamestown Brewery Branding Tagline

Druthers Brewery Branding Organization

After working for a few of the early years in the Druthers Brewing Company history as digital and web creative support, our Luminus team was brought in reshape the Druthers brand strategy and identity. Over the years, Druthers had grown to three upstate New York locations across the capital region. Updating an existing brand always requires a bit of finesse so that the identity remains familiar, but the presentation becomes more aligned with the customers. Our work to revamp the brand started with the identity surrounding the logo – typography, colors, textures, print/digital layout specifications, merchandise, and print materials like menus. The result was a brand that helped the ownership feel confident that they were connecting with their customers in a more consistent and familiar way across their multiple locations.

Druthers Brewery Branding Elements

Druthers Brewery Brand Identity Design

The Oak Stave Restaurant Branding

First time restaurant owners had a vision to bring the urban restaurant vibe to a suburban setting where most restaurants were chain based. With this project, we were involved early enough to assist with naming the restaurant. Our naming process led us to The Oak Stave as the perfect name for a restaurant with plans to focus on personal service, individualized customer experiences, and of course beverages that found their way to the restaurant through oak barrels. The iconic hero for this brand would be the cooper, whose hard work and care resulted in facilitating many of the beverage options enjoyed at the end of a hard day’s work. Icons associated with the barrel making process would be woven through every element of the brand and environmental design to pull customers into the brand.

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The Oak Stave Restaurant Branding Project

The Oak Stave Restaurant Brand Identity Design

Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen Restaurant Branding

The Gallo brand revolved around the history of its local village as the birthplace of the modern cocktail. As a complementary differentiator, their coal burning oven is the only oven in the region that cooks pizza in that style. The brand desperately needed to position this unique cooking method in a way that allowed others to describe the process and end result. From there, after much debate, the tagline “charred to perfection” was developed. The identity was built around the rooster and coal lockup that touched both themes for the restaurant.

Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen Restaurant Branding

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