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Home Services Digital Marketing

Companies in the roofing, landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning and contracting industries need optimized home services digital marketing at a local level.

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Home services digital marketing through optimized creative campaigns.

Digital marketing for companies that assist customers with projects like roofing, landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning and contracting services depend on generating sales at a very local level.

Ten years ago, Luminus was born in Buffalo, NY from creative website production and digital marketing, meaning our tech-savvy roots and experience position us to produce optimized and trackable marketing campaigns for localized audiences. Over this time, strategic brand and marketing processes have been developed that allow our team and clients to maintain a deep understanding of how the audiences, channels, and objectives for a creative marketing campaign will come together to achieve a successful result. Each digital marketing campaign we tackle is approached as a team, bringing design, copywriting, marketing, and development roles together to collaborate. We approach home services marketing no differently.

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Peer Driven

Customer confidence.

Digital marketing in the home services industry has become one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. As localized service providers, marketing through digital channels allows for pinpoint targeting of optimized creative campaigns to reach and convert the exact audiences you need for new business. At Luminus, we define those audiences (with your help), and strengthen this approach by having fine-tuned messaging for each type of customer, resulting in a higher probability of converting a lead. We also understand that this industry requires the flexibility to alter campaign settings, budgets, and messaging on the fly to respond to the seasonality of some home services. Often left under-utilized in the digital space for service based companies are ratings and reviews, which play a major role in influencing customers during their consideration phase. Digital reputation management and customer feedback campaigns offer high returns on investment for future sales, and improve internal customer service processes.

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An integrated approach.

Still, with all the possibilities that digital marketing offers, launching a fully integrated campaign that also includes direct mail has a high rate of return for the home services industry. As digital marketing has started to consume the majority of campaign budgets, the opportunity to be noticed and impactful in traditional direct mail has improved. Given that these service offerings benefit homeowners, receiving information addressed to your home makes an immediate connection. Even when using traditional marketing tactics like direct mail, our marketing efforts can be trackable through custom web links, promotional codes, and variable phone numbers.

With their help, our business has grown significantly over the past year. During the lawn care & landscape season we increased our business 100% from the previous year. The snow plow campaign they recently implemented was also a huge success; so much so that we are at max capacity and cannot take on any new snow plow customers this season. - Justin Tedesco, Tedesco Enterprises

Featured Home Services Digital Marketing Work

Our homes services digital marketing work spans from brand strategy, to creative, and digital marketing execution from start to finish.

Interested in having our digital marketing team in Buffalo, NY help with your company’s home services marketing?

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