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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Inspire Action

Digital marketing campaigns drive strategic engagements with your brand’s audience, ensuring the right people are aware of and engaging with your organization. Campaign objectives can be as straightforward as “sell this product,” or as abstract as “brand exposure.” They can be print, digital, multimedia, or all three, as long as it’s a unified effort. Creative agencies help brainstorm campaign ideas that match your objectives. We identify the target audience and suggest creative services and outlet channels to effectively engage them. Then the fun begins: the creative itself.

Digital Marketing

Campaign creative that converts.

Whether your digital marketing campaign is going to be deployed in search or social channels, one thing is for sure. It needs to be able to not only attract attention, but convert.

Great digital creative starts with relevant strategy. To make a digital marketing campaign effective, you must understand the audience and your company or product’s main value propositions. Campaigns win, when the creative addresses audience pain points and meets your prospects in the right channel at the right time. Not only is digital advertising highly targeted, but when set up correctly, it is very cost-effective.

What makes Luminus Different

Our campaigns are not just built on flashy or catchy ad creative, they’re backed by highly optimized landing pages. Here’s a digital marketing secret. No matter how many clicks your ads earn, those visits will only be worth it if they convert into prospects. A well designed, written, and coded landing page that’s highly relevant to your campaign will be the difference. Beyond our expert marketers, we have a team backed by writers, designers, and in-house developers.

How We Do It

We take a brand-first approach to digital campaign strategy. Creative concepts are based on audience personas and targeting opportunities within the channels that will be utilized for the campaign. The entire process is collaborative with our team’s guidance and client feedback throughout.

Keyword Research & Forecasts

Your digital marketing campaign starts with thorough research which identifies which search queries or demographic interests will be most valuable for your business. This research includes a mix of low-hanging fruit, moderately competitive and highly-desirable keywords/demographics to ensure that you maintain a steady revenue stream as we ramp up our efforts.

Creative & Effective Ads

This is where your differentiated positioning shines in the market. We’ll design effective ads with your positioned messaging and differentiated claims that stand out, attract clicks and are so hyper-relevant to the audience’s needs that it minimizes your upfront cost-per-click. And then we’ll test these ads against each other to continuously improve them.

Landing Pages That Convert

As we’ve mentioned, more important than clicks or impressions is conversions. Our team at Luminus writes and designs spectacular, sharply targeted landing pages that speak directly to your customers’ needs in a concise, effective manner that boosts your conversions over time.

Thermory USA

Digital marketing campaigns with a lasting impact.

Luminus partnered with Thermory USA over several years. Early in the relationship, we focused on building up the brand and preparing it for national-level marketing campaigns. The last few years, we were able to shift our focus to digital marketing and see how a strategic, long-term approach can yield lasting, impressive results.

Thermory Building Materials Marketing Case Study | Building Materials Digital Marketing Case Study | Building Materials SEO & SEM

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