Thermory USA

Going against the grain

Thermory stands firmly on the belief that not all wood is created equally. Well, not all wood is modified equally, to be more accurate. They take responsibly sourced non-tropical wood and send it through their modification chambers, using only heat, steam, and a certified wood scientist. They end up with building material that is highly durable, rot resistant, and naturally beautiful. The problem? They didn’t know who was buying their product, or how to reach them. This is the story of how Luminus helped Thermory USA increase their sales by 30% in 6 months.

2016 - Current

Brand Development

Market Strategy

Integrated Campaign

Web Design

Video Production

3D Animation


2018 Addys Silver - Integrated Campaign

2019 Addys Silver - Consumer Website


Discovering their customers

For years, Thermory was assuming that their audience was largely homeowners - after all, their products are frequently used in and on homes. With the help of the Luminus team, we discovered that a better strategy was to appeal to the architects designing those homes/remodels, and the contractors building them.

"Thermory stands firmly on the belief that not all wood is created equally"

Modifying a brand

Once we figured out who Thermory needed to reach, we went to work creating a unified brand with the branches to get there. Thermory was never afraid to take on a bold tone, but they needed a strategic message to go with it, and cohesive threads to supercede “bold” in favor of “confident.” We modified their existing atmospherics and design elements to create an identity that is oozing simple, refined sophistication and confidence that their products are the best on the market.

Finding the words

For a company like Thermory, it can be difficult to stand out in a world of options that are all, well, fairly mundane. Most of their competitors utilized an urgent marketing voice focusing on price.There are a lot of options out there for decking, cladding and porch flooring products, and most of them aren’t all that unique. We guided them through a process of identifying key words that describe their values and the core of their company culture. Then we used those words to create a unique, memorable voice and identity that shines like a beacon in a sea of mundane and unintentional, and a message that leverages the emotional power of quality over cost.

Unleashing a new product line

When Thermory announced a brand new product line that spun “refined” on its head and changed the game in an innovative way, we were ready. They already had a confident voice - but Drift was confidence amplified. They needed design assets that fit the campaign theme - defying convention and unleashing the rebel inside. Inverted colors, slightly ominous icons, flashes of light - Drift appeals to an edgier crowd, and our strategy led to samples flying off the shelves.

Sell Sheet Front
Sell Sheet Back

Building materials

With a unique voice, strong visuals, clear value proposition and vetted strategy, it was time to bring it all together. An ever-evolving website offering the abundance of information and visual appeal architects seek and the straightforward installation and product details contractors rely on. A comprehensive, visually stunning stand-alone print brochure detailing the process of sourcing and modifying the wood. Trade show materials, sell sheets, social media, blogs and original content, videos, email campaigns and newsletters - in short, a funnel that meets people where they are and delivers them to the right next step in the buying journey.

The Results?

Website traffic increased by 33% over 6 months, with an organic bounce rate of under 29% (average is 40-55%). Organic search traffic improved by over 180%. Total social media followers increased by 259%, and organic social media engagement went up by 900%+. Over the first six months of the campaign, sales were up nearly 30% over the previous year.

Sustainable growth

The Thermory brand isn’t just a brand that rightsizes the marketing efforts for the current campaign. It’s a brand that’s flexible where it needs to be with a solid core that reflects the unchanging, unflinching values of the people behind the expertly-modified boards. As Thermory continues to add new products lines and industry solutions to their catalog, they have a brand that can absorb the necessary additions and adapt to remain cohesive, sophisticated and confident.