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Child Care Marketing

The approach to child care marketing needs to instill trust with parents from the first touch through a professional brand, confident messaging, and a top-notch in-person experience. Two of the main ingredients for this formula are high quality photography and a resourceful website that helps parents.

 Child care marketing that builds trust.

Searching for child care is one of the most highly researched services that a parent will seek out. For many parents it’s their first time entrusting the wellbeing of their child with others. First impressions mean everything and rarely is the first impression made by child care center itself, but rather the website that the parent found in their search. Ultimately, a child care company must be able to demonstrate high quality facilities, service and qualifications to earn the trust of a parent, but much can also be done prior to that moment to set the tone.

Luminus was able to quickly understand our industry because of their experience within the child care field. They were insightful and thoughtful in the way they both worked with us as well as being the stewards of our budget to ensure we received a solid return on investment. - Anthony D'Agostino, Inspired Learning
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A Caring Message

Branding that connects with parents.

The foundation of building trust starts with strong messaging and a professional presentation. Child care is a funny industry in that it has to appeal to children, but earn the trust of the parents. The balance lies within a bright visual brand identity that a child can recognize and confident messaging that reassures a parent. It's a fine line to walk without looking childish and unprofessional, so a well crafted brand is key. Messaging carries the weight for the website, print materials, and marketing campaigns. The brand sets the first impression for a parent and there's only one chance for that moment to be successful.

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Be a Resource

Make life easier for parents.

In every parent's child care research phase they are considering multiple companies. By providing resourceful content and easy to use tools on your website, you can demonstrate that your approach to child care is more considerate of a parent's needs. Well organized content that outlines the curriculum or programs, photography that provides a lens into the expected day-to-day for the child, and interactive tools that allow parents to inquire about or manage their child’s care can set your company apart from the competition. Pair this approach with digital marketing campaigns that meet parents in search and social media and you have a winning formula.

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Creat an Experience

Digital art, for the real world.

A child care center is an entire world of possibilities for children. They spend day after day exploring, learning, and playing with their teachers and friends. By transforming your child care center into an engaging facility filled with color and energy, you can stimulate a child's imagination and bring joy to each and every day. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through digital mural designs applied by vinyl. Themes from these designs can easily be pulled into print materials and even mascots and character pieces.

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Helping child care centers grow.

A total creative and strategic rebrand after 25 successful years in operation, including a state-of-the-art website, visual identity, brand strategy, photography, videography, and more. Since then, we’ve been building up their digital marketing ecosystem, including website updates and automation, social media campaigns, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

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Featured Child Care Marketing & Branding Work

Our child care marketing spans from branding, to graphic and web design, and digital marketing executions from start to finish.

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