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Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare practices in the primary care, home care, orthopedics, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc segments of the market need to take a personalized approach to connecting with their patients. A well branded website design that delivers valuable resources and guided patient processes provides positive experiences.

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When healthcare digital marketing gets personal, it improves lives.

Ten years ago, Luminus was born in Buffalo, NY from creative website production and digital marketing, meaning our tech-savvy roots and experience position us to produce optimized and trackable marketing campaigns for localized audiences. Over this time, strategic brand and marketing processes have been developed that allow our team and clients to maintain a deep understanding of how their patients, communication channels, and objectives for a creative marketing campaign will come together to achieve a successful result. Each digital marketing campaign we tackle is approached as a team, bringing design, copywriting, marketing, and development roles together to collaborate. We approach healthcare digital marketing no differently.

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Healthy Branded Content

A website built for patients.

These days, patients of all kinds are spending more and more time online looking for the “right” care provider. A thriving healthcare practice demands not just a website, but a website that is answering the questions potential patients are asking. Who are the providers? What services are offered? Does their approach match the patient’s goals? Your website needs rich content that speaks directly to the audience, and a structure that leads them to the most important information first. Your website is your first, best tool to tell potential patients who you are - make sure they’re getting the story you want them to hear.

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Meet Them Where They Are

Digital marketing to help them find you.

Your patients have choices. Whether you’re a primary care provider or a specialty provider, potential patients need a reason to choose you over your peers. And when they’re ready to seek treatment, there is no greater advantage than being the option they find first. Digital marketing services like paid search, social media campaigns, and search engine marketing and optimization. You may only get one chance to win over a new patient. Give your marketing a good prognosis by making sure your message appears in the right place at the right time!

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Reassure & Inspire Confidence

Understand the patient voice.

Understanding what your patients are looking for in a healthcare provider is step 1. Step 2 is ensuring that the way you’re speaking to them inspires their trust and confidence. Decisions about healthcare, including the initiative to seek it at all, are fraught with fear and anxiety. Establishing a voice and tone that accurately represents the philosophy of your practice and combining it with carefully chosen and curated messaging to directly assuage the fears and nurture a sense of understanding helps get even the most hesitant patients over the hump and into the exam room.

Knowing that I have an agency in my corner that I can go to about things makes my life easier. I don’t worry about the product. From a business and budgetary standpoint, Luminus has always been fair in regards to the time and overall costs of projects. From a cost and ease perspective, I’m not sure the bigger shops can compete. - Mark Wolbert, Excelsior Orthopaedics

Excelsior Orthopaedics

A well-organized website, built to convert.

As a healthcare practice that prides itself on staying on the cutting-edge of its field and providing top-notch care and service to their patients, they knew it was time for their website to reflect and showcase those commitments.

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Our Featured Healthcare Digital Marketing Work

Our healthcare digital marketing work for practices spans from branding, to creative and web design, and digital campaign executions from start to finish.

Interested in having our team help with branding and digital marketing for your healthcare practice?

If branding and an optimized approach to a patient-centric website with measurable digital marketing campaigns are part of your needs for your practice, give us a call at (716) 332-1640 x2 or email us using the form below!