Hey there friends family and clients! As you can see we’ve “decorated” our office with a Christmas tree again. Scrounged up most of the same “ornaments” with some new twists. Blue Angry Bird protects it for us.

2011 was an awesome year for us. We acquired our LLC for the company. Along the way we met quite a few amazing clients and new partners as well! Without all of you we wouldn’t be what we are today. So thanks again for your continued support!

We have a lot of great things planned for 2012, but we’re keeping them a secret until January! You’ll just have to wait to hear everything while we struggle to keep it under wraps until then.

We have a few projects that will go live soon too. As always, we’re keeping busy. We’re happy when we’re busy, so keep the projects coming!

Thanks again for supporting our business! See you in 2012!