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Account Executives: The Unsung Heroes of Marketing

Jeffrey Quinn - Sr. Account Executive Promotion

When people think of marketing, we tend to think of the creative. We think of bright graphics and clever headlines, of scary-accurate Google ads and commercials we liked the first 5 times and then got tired of. And, oddly, billboards. Everyone thinks billboards are a bigger part of marketing than they are.

What people don’t tend to think about is how that creative comes to be. I’m not talking about brainstorm sessions or dramatic Mad Men-esque concept pitches. I’m talking about the relationships that happen between the real-life people at companies and the real-life marketers who have to trust each other enough to pull off something memorable, meaningful and moving.

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Luminus snagged six silver awards at this year’s AAF Buffalo ADDYs

This year’s ADDYs was brought out of the underground and held outside for the first time – at the Transit Drive-In. 

The “Adfamous” AAF Buffalo ADDYs brought a bit of Hollywood glam to this year’s unconventional awards show, with cameo appearances from several stars in showbiz, interspersed with some old-school movie theater ads.

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Luminus “Steals” Two Golds & Two Silvers at 2020 ADDYs Underground

Luminus 2020 ADDY Winning Creative Work

This year’s AAF Buffalo “ADDYs Underground” was on the hush hush to avoid getting caught by the fuzz and still throw a huge party prohibition style!

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Luminus Earns Three Silvers at 2019 ADDYs

This year’s AAF Buffalo “Saints + Sinners” ADDYs brought glitz, glam, dancing, and Stan. The LumiFam hit the awards all swagged out ready to party with the industry.

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Shedding Light On A New Luminus

Creative restlessness. The concept that launched Luminus when it was two hustlin’ freelancers is the same concept that drives the newest brand interpretation. Co-founders Tim Bouchard and Mike LaDuca have always been driven by feelings of creative restlessness. Feelings that mean good enough never is, and greatness is an ever-evolving target.

Way back when, Tim and Mike were a freelance team creating websites for local businesses. But as they grew, so did Luminus. And as Luminus carved out its place in the Buffalo marketing landscape and became a destination for rising professionals looking for opportunities to explore, expand and exceed expectations, we transformed from a web design agency into something much bigger.

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Tim’s Going to be on Businessology!

Mark your calendars! Luminus’ very own Tim Bouchard is scheduled to appear on the Businessology podcast on Wednesday, July 20th.

Businessology is a podcast hosted by CPA Jason Blumer, aimed at helping creatives run their businesses more effectively. Through real examples of agencies “figuring it out”, he helps agencies do better work by working better. On this episode of Businessology, Tim will discuss his recent eBook, Golden Mean Pricing.

Golden Mean Pricing provides guidance on pricing creative projects for freelancers and small business owners. Check it out here.

The Top 4 Ads in District 2, Says the AAF

We won a silver AAF District 2 Addy for our work for Druthers!

We actually found that out a while ago, but we just got the award today.

What we also got was the showbook that features all of the AAF District 2 winners, and they’re awesome.

We’re proud to mentioned in the same breath as a lot of these folks and we’d like to run down the best in show for you.

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We Are Very, Very Proud of the District 2 Regional Addy Winners from Buffalo

We got our hands on the breakdown of this year’s regional Addy’s winners from Buffalo.

Regionals are a big deal. Locally, we all go up against each other, which is exciting and inspiring and intoxicating. Regionally, we go up against 13 other clubs in our district (District 2 of the American Advertising Federation). That includes DC, Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other major metros.

So we’re really proud to see Buffalo out there killing the game. To our peers: congratulations! Buffalo rules and so do you. We’re really proud to be a part of this community.

This blog post runs down the just the professional winners for now.

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Tim Bouchard joins Buffalo Ad Club Board of Directors

Earlier this year Tim was voted to the Board of Directors for the Advertising Club of Buffalo. In July preparations for the new calendar year (for the club) began and this month starts the launch of the 2015-2016 club calendar. Tim will be helping with AdLab events, Web/Communications, and general club promotion/membership.

The New LUMINUS! Branding and Digital Marketing for All!

In 2007 Mike and I started a journey in the world of creative services. We saw an opportunity to work together and strengthen each other’s talents as well as offer top notch talent to budding and growing local businesses. It was wild, unpredictable, and kept us on our toes.

In 2010 we made it official, registering the joint brand name Luminus Media. We signed on for some shared office space on Elmwood and started promoting ourselves as an official team. We developed some close business relationships and started to acquire more established and recognizable clients. It was really fun!

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