In 2007 Mike and I started a journey in the world of creative services. We saw an opportunity to work together and strengthen each other’s talents as well as offer top notch talent to budding and growing local businesses. It was wild, unpredictable, and kept us on our toes.

In 2010 we made it official, registering the joint brand name Luminus Media. We signed on for some shared office space on Elmwood and started promoting ourselves as an official team. We developed some close business relationships and started to acquire more established and recognizable clients. It was really fun!

In 2012 we moved to Main Street to our current larger office, we redid the logo, and we started taking interns under our wings. They were students of the project work and fun to have around. Shortly after we realized we needed legitimate talent to help with the growing project funnel. We started hiring local digital talent. Since then we’ve hired talent from Canisius, Buffalo State, & UB.

Now in 2015, we’ve launched our third rendition of the company. Now referred to as LUMINUS (even though we’ll still technically be Luminus Media, LLC). This is also another way to say we finally took some time outside of work to spend all spring designing and building our new website, business cards, and print materials (shoemaker complex).

Over the last few years we’ve grown from a design & development company to a full service brand strategy and execution company. We are fortunate to have a collection of talented individuals that can now contribute to all aspects of creating, reworking, and launching brand assets and execute full campaigns.

This is the new LUMINUS.

We build and enrich brands. We are creative thinkers, designers, writers, illustrators, and developers. We use our creative personalities to bolster those we work with. We take ideas and turn them into campaigns that reach out and relate to the target audience. We still design and develop the best web work in Buffalo and challenge the limits of the industry and technology as a whole.

Think of us as your guides, tutors, and partners.

Time to get to work!