From Buffalo Rising:

Luminus Media LLC settled into their new location last week in the Pierce Building downtown in Main Street’s 600 block. The company is run by the young dynamic duo of Mike LaDuca, the creative director, and Tim Bouchard, the programming director. The pair works on all things design related and social media including, website design, graphic design, and email marketing. Basically, everything a company could want to effectively and creatively get their brand out to the public.

The company moved from their previous location in the Elmwood Village Creative (257 Elmwood Avenue) in the Horizon Building because they had outgrown the space. “We just needed more space,” said Mike LaDuca, the creative director, “Another big reason for our move was because we wanted a conference room. It worked well, [at the Horizon Building] but we outgrew the space quickly.”

Their original space in the Horizon Building was only 285 sq. ft. so they were more than happy to move into the 1350 sq. ft. space in the Pierce Building. The larger space also means that they can start hiring interns to expand the company and offer their services to a wider audience.

While Mike and Tim have large clients, they enjoy working with the smaller start-up businesses as well. “Smaller clients allow for more creativity and influence on our side of the business,” said Tim. It allows the pair to guide the direction of the branding efforts for their clients, which is crucial for getting their message out there. Tim and Mike were very excited about their new downtown location, probably just as excited as everyone who loves to see young and creative people reinvest in downtown Buffalo.


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