Luminus snagged six silver awards at this year’s AAF Buffalo ADDYs

This year’s ADDYs was brought out of the underground and held outside for the first time – at the Transit Drive-In. 

The “Adfamous” AAF Buffalo ADDYs brought a bit of Hollywood glam to this year’s unconventional awards show, with cameo appearances from several stars in showbiz, interspersed with some old-school movie theater ads.

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Luminus “Steals” Two Golds & Two Silvers at 2020 ADDYs Underground

Luminus 2020 ADDY Winning Creative Work

This year’s AAF Buffalo “ADDYs Underground” was on the hush hush to avoid getting caught by the fuzz and still throw a huge party prohibition style!

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Luminus Earns Three Silvers at 2019 ADDYs

This year’s AAF Buffalo “Saints + Sinners” ADDYs brought glitz, glam, dancing, and Stan. The LumiFam hit the awards all swagged out ready to party with the industry.

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A Copywriter’s First Addys

I am an enthusiastic award skeptic.

I wish I could say that I’m one of those English majors who always knows the answers to the Shakespeare clues in crossword puzzles, but the truth is that my down time mostly alternates between internet TV and internet news. This is to say that I am well aware that most Hollywood awards are bought – in fact, most of them are the result of extremely targeted marketing campaigns. This does not stop me from spending weeks prepping to watch the Oscars each year.

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I hate the American Advertising Awards a little bit. Here’s why.

As a social occasion, they’re great. You get all of Buffalo’s ad people in a room with hors d’oeuvres and an open bar and you’ll probably have a good time.

As a professional showcase, they’re unmatched. You show all their best work on the big screen and you’ll probably end up motivated and inspired. Long story short, there was a lot of talent in that room.

Despite how proud I might be to be part of that community, though, it’s hard not to go there and feel a little small.

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WordCamp Buffalo 2016 Recap

Another WordCamp Buffalo conference has come and gone. Congratulations to Ron BrennanDominic LicataAndy StapleBen Dunkle, and Michelle Ames for organizing a great event.

This year was special for me for two reasons; First, I spoke at this year’s event, so I had a completely different (and amazing) experience than year’s past. Second, the event was at UB’s Center For the Arts (CFA) where I spent mosts of my time in undergrad as a Media Study major.

I’m going to try and hang onto the inspiration and enthusiasm I felt at this WordCamp in the design/dev track since I’m gradually becoming disconnected from production the more I get into speaking/writing about and handling our own small business and pricing tasks.

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We Are Very, Very Proud of the District 2 Regional Addy Winners from Buffalo

We got our hands on the breakdown of this year’s regional Addy’s winners from Buffalo.

Regionals are a big deal. Locally, we all go up against each other, which is exciting and inspiring and intoxicating. Regionally, we go up against 13 other clubs in our district (District 2 of the American Advertising Federation). That includes DC, Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other major metros.

So we’re really proud to see Buffalo out there killing the game. To our peers: congratulations! Buffalo rules and so do you. We’re really proud to be a part of this community.

This blog post runs down the just the professional winners for now.

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Buffalo Rising: “Luminus Media: Young, Creative, and Investing in Downtown”

From Buffalo Rising:

Luminus Media LLC settled into their new location last week in the Pierce Building downtown in Main Street’s 600 block. The company is run by the young dynamic duo of Mike LaDuca, the creative director, and Tim Bouchard, the programming director. The pair works on all things design related and social media including, website design, graphic design, and email marketing. Basically, everything a company could want to effectively and creatively get their brand out to the public.

The company moved from their previous location in the Elmwood Village Creative (257 Elmwood Avenue) in the Horizon Building because they had outgrown the space. “We just needed more space,” said Mike LaDuca, the creative director, “Another big reason for our move was because we wanted a conference room. It worked well, [at the Horizon Building] but we outgrew the space quickly.”

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